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    My story is a bit of a long one but i will keep it as short as possible.

    I originally had my SMP treatment at another clinic (not Skalp) in 2019 from a clinic claiming to be one of the world’s best, most experienced etc. I won’t say their name but will call them clinic X.

    I looked into SMP for a few weeks and this clinic X seemed ok, pics looked decent. Their price was quite a bit cheaper than some of the other clinics I had got prices from, including Skalp but I didn’t think too much about it, just thought I had found a good deal.

    5 sessions later and my result was a kind of patchy mess, most of the head nothing, no dots held and then clumps of bigger dots. After 4 sessions of patchiness clinic X said they will give me one more session and any more I will be charged. Picture 1 below is my head after 5 sessions.

    I had no choice but to live with it for a while and pretty much live under a hat. Eventually went to see Skalp to see if they could fix it, they said luckily the dots I had were not ridiculously dark or huge and that they have seen a lot worse, but did recommend I get 1 laser session to lighten the darker, bigger dots. Which I did and 1 laser session removed about 70% of the dots and lightened the really dark ones up.

    Picture 2 is straight after 2 sessions with Skalp, completely redesigned the hairline, actually filled in my bald areas, and blends in with my real hair.

    Looking back now to when I first researched SMP, almost all the clinics claim to be the best, most experienced bla bla bla, but most of them only have a few examples and only have videos posted from the last year or 2 but still claim to of been around for 10 years plus and have done 1000’s of clients.

    You can’t beat real experience. I will never go for the cheap option again on something so important. If it looks too good to be true it 99% of the time is, should of listened to my gut as skalp actually have done 1000’s of clients and go back years.

    I have learned my lesson this time and got lucky that I got a 2nd chance with my head with Skalp, you guys are actual life-savers and you are the only clinic I would ever let touch my head again.

    I really can’t thank you enough.



    100% agree with you, Skalp is the only place I would let do my treatment. I haven’t seen another clinic that offers anywhere near as natural results as Skalp.

    Your treatment is now top class 🙌


    Amazing difference mate. Same here would never let another clinic do my treatment.

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