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    Is there really a point to getting this done? Some guys look better than others with a shaven head.. its mainly about the head shape and proportion of the head which decides whether or not you look attractive with a shaven head..

    so how much of a difference does this REALLY make? I mean… you’re still bald….. it’s not going to change the shape of your head…

    I look pretty good as it is with a shaven head… I just don’t like the bare skin appearance in the part that doesn’t have hair growth…. but others have said they don’t think it will make much of a difference and would be a waste of thousands of dollars.

    I showed this video to one girl I know to see what her reaction would be:

    she said she thinks its stupid…and saw no real change in his appearance and that he looked good as he was.

    another who I was more romantically involved with said she likes my shaved head and doesn’t give a shit…

    so now I am thinking the only real reason I’d have it done would be for myself in the end… But in reality the only reason anyone would have this done is to look good for others… that’s just the simple truth… if you think otherwise then you’re just lying to yourself. It’s just vanity.

    So at the end of the day.. if others already think you look fine as you are… then what’s the point really?


    Hi Strouse,

    9 out of 10 people who have had this procedure done have done it for themselves! If not 10 out of 10.
    Have you had a picture of yourself photoshopped to see how it will look? If not, I would advise you get it done to have a look for YOURSELF and see what change it makes.

    Instead of looking say in your 40’s you could look like your real age (30)

    Look at other pictures of before and after of people who have your same skin tone and shape of head, not just one video. I’m by no way forcing you to have this done, just letting you know that others do it for their own reasons.

    Vanity? Maybe it is. Its just like going to the gym to work out and bulk up! Do you do that for yourself or others? Is it vane? Hell yes!
    Women go out for hair extensions/boob augmentation, venires and botox…thats also vanity! They would do it for you or for themselves?

    At the end of the day its your choice, your head, your life and your money. Make the decision based on what you want, and not what others want!


    We all have a different opinion my girlfriend thinks that the man in the video above looks much better, when we go bald it suits some people more than others but we lose are hairline which frames our face and that can again make people look older etc.

    Its down to you, my friend Brian had the treatment done a few years ago and for him it was the best thing he ever did. I know im looking forward to having the treatment done.


    If the girl can’t see a difference in the video I think she needs to get her eyes tested.
    Most girls probably don’t want there other half getting it done just incase it makes them more attractive to other girls, most blokes would probably react the same if there partner wanted a boob job
    If you are happy with the way you look why are you wasting time researching this treatment ,or posting about it.
    This treatment works and looks good when done correctly and here at skalp they do a top class job
    Have a look at tonyc blog
    His other half was totally against it but after having it done she couldn’t be more happy


    I never did this treatment for others. I did it for myself.


    You’re just lying to yourself. The only reason anyone would get this procedure done or any type of cosmetic procedure that improves their appearance is because they want to look good to others…

    If you were the last person alive on the planet you would not care what you looked like because there would be no one around to judge your appearance. At least be honest about it…..

    Most people self confidence is dictated by how others perceive them… that isn’t true confidence but what most need the approval of others to feel confident.

    Real confidence is being perfectly happy as you are and truly not caring about what others think of you.


    Well if I was the last person alive then there would be no one to do it anyway so I’d have no choice 🙂

    I have a girlfriend who doesn’t care if I’d had the treatment or not and said you don’t need it. However I decided to go ahead for me and me only. Firstly I wanted to look better for myself but of course if other people think it makes you look better then that’s a bonus. However I am sure there are guys on here who have done it for more attention and good on them.

    Regarding your survey of 2 women who were none plussed about this treatment, I have had nothing but positive comments. There will always be some who like things and some that won’t. All I care is what I like, a I like my treatment.

    It sounds to me that this isn’t the treatment for you. Good luck with the confidence you have with being bald.


    The same could be said about the clothes we wear, the cars we drive
    The holiday locations we visit
    The TVS we buy
    It’s all done to stay one step ahead if the joneses
    If we weren’t bothered about what others thought ,we would not buy designer gear just to impress
    Or to show our friends we can afford (or not in most cases) the latest gadgets
    As someone who hid under a hat for more than 10 yrs this treatment has been a life changer and given me my life back,
    For me I lost over 10 yrs of my life to hair loss, never going to the pub or out for a meal , or not being able to go certain place s if I had a hat on,
    I now have my life back thanks to skalp,
    You however don’t seem bothered by hair loss so why waste your time commenting on things that don’t matter to you
    I spend a lot of time of time on various forums but don’t waste my time on forums of subjects I have no interest in


    Couldn’t agree more with Markyb.

    There is no need coming on here if its something you don’t want to have done.

    Look at all the client experiences on the forum! Everyone is completely satisfied with how the treatment has made them look. If you’re not bothered by hair loss and have two female companions who agree with you, then you’re not getting it done for them/other people, as you have asked others opinions apart from your own, which kind of contradicts your above statement!


    My family said I looked fine with a bald shaved head but they now say I look better with the treatment.


    Bald Shaved Head vs Shaved Head with natural created hairline…..no brainier in my book.


    There should be only one reason to get this done.
    That reason is for ourselves.
    It’s the feeling of having a hairline which gives a confidence boost which makes
    this treatment worth every penny.
    Not that many people will even notice because apart from baldies themselves
    who ever looks at someone else’s head?
    Even if your losing your hair you will look at another man that is losing his and think
    at least I’m not as far gone as him !
    When you’ve had the dots put on your head it’s even worse you see a baldie you just want to go up to him and tell him it doesn’t have to be like this . Even my girlfriend says oh he would look good with the dots !
    Honestly I have never looked at so many baldies in my life since having it done.
    It’s over a year now and there’s not a day goes buy without me breaking out a huge grin
    thinking how happy this has made me 🙂


    I have to admit that even though I’m getting this done firstly for myself, I am hoping it has a knock on effect with the ladies 🙂


    Mate the only advice I can give you is to buy a big stick!
    It’s the only way you’ll be able to beat the birds off !


    Lol I think even with the great new hairline I have, id probably need some face surgery before having to beat the girls off with a stick 🙂

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