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    Ben Dover

    I now shave my head more or less to the bone now because I hate the look of the shadow on back because it makes me look older than I am. I am in my early 20’s and its a real bummer to me losing my hair so young it really is.

    Like your girlfriends Strouse everybody says it suits me but I am not confident with being bald. I am having to save for this treatment as my parents aren’t very supportive and won’t lend me the money. I have been saving for 6 months and am around 75% of the way to my target. I cannot wait until I can book and I am guessing it will be around October time if I can keep the same rate of savings.

    This treatment is for me and for me only as it really bothers me.

    If it doesn’t bother you Strouse good luck to you.


    Well put Ben Dover
    My confidence went through the roof
    Have you not thought about the 0% finance they offer
    Works out around 229 a month over 12 months
    If you got most of it saved you could use that as payments
    Even if you are waiting till oct might be an idea to book now as they are mad busy and are about 6 weeks full
    Well that’s in Manchester


    I looked crap with a pale bald head. It made me look well old before my years. Now I have a better hairline than I have ever had and i love it.


    Dont be so hard on yourself I bet your be pulling loads of birds

    Paddy O

    I certainly wish I could go around with my bald dome and feel top of the world but I don’t. I’m not interested in Hair Transplants or sticking a rug on my head. This treatment is perfect for me and as I already shave my hair to the bone, I can now do this with the illusion of a natural hairline.


    You do have a point but you make it badly.

    Of course if I was happy with my appearance then i would not have needed to have this done. Unfortunately I was unhappy with my balding appearance and just wanted a nice hairline again.

    Thankfully there are companies like Skalp around who can do this and do this well and I am extremely happy with how it’s going so far.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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