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    Wanted to say thanks to everyone who has posted on here. Most of the results I see are very impressive and look natural.

    I understand this is a process and you have to have 3and sometimes 4 treatments.

    My calendar is very busy as I’m very social. I’m not worried about the final result as I can see they look fantastic. However it’s the in between staged that worry me.

    How do people get by when it’s not finished or you get fading or other situations. Is it under a hat time or don’t people even notice then?

    Thanks for any advice.


    i would be interested to hear this as my first procedure is booked in for 2 weeks time and have multiple things going on in between sessions and hoping it doesn’t look too bad. Im hoping that after the second sitting you can get away with it looking decent as there is over month wait to the 3rd. Im thinking the 3rd just finishes the details off and adds more texture..

    Benjamin Kramer

    I did a lot of research on this and I think from what I read and my own experience that it depends on a number of things.

    After the first treatment I didn’t feel fully comfortable to show it off. After the second treatment I bled a lot. However within a few days I felt more comfortable and did go out here and there. I did suffer from fading in areas which made me feel slightly conscious and I put my hat on a little more but no one noticed anything.

    After the 3rd treatment everything was spot on and it certainly improves big time after thus session.

    Personally you have to be patient and wait until it’s fully finished. Once it is. It’s certainly worth it.


    Hi Guys,

    I had the same worry – and yes it does vary from person to person, but one thing remains the same in that no one will be looking at your head as closely as you do! For the most part – all the little bit of fading etc go completely unnoticed.

    I had some minor fading on my crown, which I was really self conscious about – after the 3rd treatment its blended nicely but no one has commented on the difference, things that seem like big deals to us aren’t even noticed by others.

    I actually really liked the look just a few hours after treatment as the little ‘bumps’ of ink give a rough stubbly look!

    I’m really happy I went through the process, it does play on your emotions but it will be all worth it in the end!

    Good luck.



    I was told the treatment can be a bit of a roller coaster but I suppose it depends on you yourself. I’m pretty laid back and found the treatment just got better each time. The second treatment certainly brings it closer to the final product, but for me the 3rd treatment sealed things and made it hold much better.

    I think if you’re the nervous type or sensitive then you may find it more difficult, but to me it’s worth a few weeks of your life to get the final great result.


    I would say expect and be prepared for the worse and then anything else is a bonus. If you try and plan if at all possible to only reveal to all after your 3rd session then if sessions 1 and 2 give you a look your happy with you can do it all earlier. Better to do it this way and then it gives you less worry about the bit in-between. You are roughly looking at a 6 week period from start to post 3rd session. With summer coming loads of people wear baseball caps when their out and about anyway.


    This treatment requires some patience yes, but you are told at your consultation that it’s a 3 treatment process. It’s certainly worth it tho.


    Thanks for the replies.

    It sounds like it really depends on a few things but I think I would try and take time off until I have finished my 2nd treatment. Whats the time difference between the 1st and 2nd treatment.

    Benjamin Kramer

    Mine was one week between 1st and 2nd treatment.


    if you had 2 weeks off work, this is how to do it
    session 1 monday of first week,
    on friday of week 1you can run water over scalp and lightly shave
    then session 2 monday of 2nd week.
    by the friday you can shave and wash scalp, so should be ok then for back at work monday
    although getting it done in summer adds a few more problems . trying to avoid excessive sweating and keeping out the sun , as you won’t be able to use sunscreen for a while and would definitely not want to get burned,


    I can probably get a week off work.

    Do you think have one treatment on a Saturday then the next one on the following Friday. I would the have 3 and a bit days before going back to work?

    Would that be OK to do?


    I think you’ll be fine.


    I had my second session on a Wednesday and by Saturday the redness had gone, but the colour was still very dark. There are tricks to blend the darkness with your own hair while it fades down by using a black eyeliner pencil around the blend area on your own hair and rubbing it in. I’ve been told some people walk out of the second session without a hat and just run with it as they don’t experience much redness or colour difference, so its all down to how your head reacts to the treatment. You would know more after your first session.


    I’m guessing from what you’re saying that patience is very much required. I’m not the most patient person so I hope when I get this done it’s fingers crossed that my skins good.

    Benjamin Kramer

    I’m guessing from your Nickname you’re from Crewe? I live in Stone near Stoke which isn’t too far away.

    I’d be happy to meet up Half way as I’ve had the treatment and love it.

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