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    I want to share my SMP experience with whoever is reading this, because I know how you feel right now and exactly why you’re trawling this forum.

    You want to believe that this procedure is what it seems.

    I can tell you that it is exactly what it seems and I can tell you that SKALP are the company to go with to get the look that you want. There were times that I never thought I’d type that sentence, read on.

    In May this year SKALP appeared in my Facebook newsfeed, I spent the next two evenings finding out as much as I could about the procedure and then finally booked a consultation. Within four days of finding out about SMP I was booked in for the procedure but I had to wait two months for my first session date to arrive. The wait was dictated by my schedule, SKALP could have got me in earlier.

    The delay however went in my favour as it gave me time to get used to the idea. That said, it was only when I was sat in the chair on the day that I knew I was definitely going to go through with it. I’d changed my mind so many times in the two months leading up the first session!

    You will not get through this procedure on your own.

    My wife and baby boy were with me on the day of the first session, I saw them half way through the procedure and then we travelled home together. The words of support offered to me half way through by my wife made all the difference to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a 39-year-old IT professional who is successful, strong willed and does not lack confidence but this procedure is a tough test of character.

    I went to a party the following night, only my brother and best friend noticed that something was different. Some people notice, some people don’t. I was bald and so it was inevitable that people would notice that my appearance had changed.

    I went in to work four days later and someone said to me straight up ‘Have you had SMP?’ I replied saying no and that I’d never heard of it. I was shook and really wasn’t sure that I wanted what I had had done anymore. The week moved along and the date for the next session arrived and so off to Manchester I went again to see Marcin.

    The second session ended and I went home, I was sore but in control of my emotions … until the morning. I woke up and looked in the mirror, what the fuck had I done. I felt trapped and panicked but once again my wife calmed my nerves. Before I knew it was Monday and I did not want to go to work. I went and within an hour someone said something to me about my head in front of two other colleagues. My reply was that I had just started cutting my hair different, my manager looked and said he didn’t notice anything different. I was shook once again, shocked at how I’d managed to swerve through the brief conversation and at how little explanation people really needed in order to move beyond the topic.

    People’s reactions really are the strangest thing about the SMP procedure. In my opinion don’t broadcast what you’ve had done, just say that you’ve started cutting your hair different and most people will just say ‘Ah, OK’. I’ve concluded that the end result is so realistic that people just can’t argue with it.

    At the time that I had the first procedure done, my usual stubble had turned in to a short beard. On the day of the first procedure I got some Just For Men to hide the small amount of grey. Even this change was enough to take peoples focus off my head. If someone said I looked different I’d just say I’d blackened up my beard and the response was once again ‘Ah, OK’.

    I’m now three weeks after my second session and just like Marcin said, my treatment has faded to match the rest of my head. I love my new look, it’s as though the years have been rolled back. At 39 I’ve never looked better.

    I hope this testimonial helps you make your decision and I’m happy to answer questions but I will not post photos in this forum. Sorry but I want to keep my SMP as secret as possible but rest assured that I recommend this procedure along with Marcin in Manchester 100%.

    Daniel A

    Great write up mate, I know the feeling, I had mine done in London but glad to see all the clinics are producing great results

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