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    Hi All.
    I have been studying SMP on various website and have read this entire forum more or less. Each story always appears to have a good ending.

    My concern isn’t about how natural it looks as it looks amazing and I known this is better than being bald (to look at). My concern is that I would like to improve my situation but really don’t want friends and family to know. It’s a bit if a taboo subject and peolple just dont understand the effects it has on a guy.
    I have been loosing my hair since 17 and at 24 its now terrible and feels like I have hay on my head. Please see attached pic and let me know if I go receded enough if people will know. Not looking to go dark or too dense. Just enough so people say… well done you finally shavee your head.. and it looks great 🙂


    Also I am a super super worrier and care what others I think. I know I shouldn’t… but I do and it’s a pain but any! Also not very confident.. apparently I used to be a bit but I never felt it so now it’s close to rock bottom.. eek!🙂🙂 atleast all the smiley faces are bald and girls love them 😃


    I went through the procedure about five weeks ago and I can honestly say I’m so happy with the results. I had my treatment at the Manchester clinic carried out by Dean who was superb and made me feel completely at ease. Firstly, you’re not alone – most people feel the way you do about losing your hair. It’s natural for it to have an impact on your confidence but I feel great now and I still have one more session to go! Just book a consultation at least and take it from there. I guarantee it will make you feel better.


    Hi Pebbles. Thanks for your response. I had a consultation and it was excellent. I also saw another client coming in for a touch up and I was jealous of how he looked. Haha.
    My big thing is my brothers and friends. Trying to tell them that I feel I need to do this.

    How has the redness and dots settle for you. How long until would be happy to show people and feel confident it looks nice and natural?


    Hi. I had my treatment down nearly a year ago now. To this day the only people I told were my Wife, Mum and Dad. I was convinced everyone would know but wasn’t one of these people that feel they could just be open about it. I felt that it may affect my confidence if people know. However no one has said a thing, like everyone here I don’t understand how but they don’t. I just don’t get the bald jokes anymore I used to get. It is amazing what it has done for confidence and I just forget how tough it was before. I sometimes catch old pictures and can’t believe how different i felt then to now. I honestly don’t think anyone will know looking at your pics. They will just assume you felt it was time to shave your head and you will just be complimented on it

    Daniel A

    Seriously mate if you can get away with not seeing people you don’t want know you’ve had anything done for 24 hours after each session you will be fine, it’s red for about 24 hours, after that it settles down and is subtle

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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