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    Hello guys

    Most results are amazing here. Id would really help me for my decision if you could tell me.

    -is it really undetectable?
    -is it nearly undetectable but very natural
    -is it good but detectable?

    What are your experiences? Thanks for your honest answers.


    Hi Baldguyabroad :

    I’m also seriously considering going ahead with the treatment. As you say, most of the results look very good but, until you see a guy who’s had it done in the flesh, it’s not easy to know whether it’s really undetectable or just good but detectable, and to know if it’s not merely backed up with selective advertising of the best heads.

    I had a SKYPE consultation before sending my photos off for a mock-up. The mock-ups I received back from Skalp looked more to my liking than the other two companies with whom I asked for a price etc. I was sufficiently impressed to travel over to Manchester from Leeds to see the real thing in the flesh. In my opinion, it is undetectable. I saw two members of staff and two clients who’d had or were in the process of having Scalp Pigmentation : really undetectable. The hairlines weren’t all to my personal taste, but that’s an individual preference issue. Also, these were all young and good looking guys. I’m not so I must take this into account when choosing colour, hairline, density and absolute.

    Having seen the real thing, my concerns now are more about will the shaven look suit me. The mock-ups can’t truly answer that, so I still have a little thinking to do. I’m tied up with work until September, but I’m 90% sure that I’ll be booking with one of the guys in Manchester very soon. Take futy out of the equation and the Manchester lads are fantastic, or as they say in Madrid ‘De Puta Madre.’

    I hope this helps and things work out well for you.


    Hi Baldguyabroad, If your close enough to one of the clinics it is definitely worth booking a consultation. Its free so nothing to lose and you can see it first hand as all the practitioners have had the treatment. In fact I think everyone who works for the company has had it done, which kind of gives you the reassurance about the treatment in my opinion.


    My mistake … Skalp is of course the company that I was talking about. I also had consultations with His and Vinici, but thought Skalp was the better of the three options. St


    Ok, I thought what plug 🙂


    I had same concerns as you about treatment…I’ve had a consultation and decided to go ahead with it…booked in for August.i spent a considerable amount of time reading the reviews which really helped me not completely bald but like everyone on here thought I’d look better with hair but other treatments are not all they are cracked up to be.i believe this is right up there with best. Regards gary

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