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    I wasn’t going to write a post, but my wife suggested I should as this forum helped me make a decision and there are a LOT of people out there still on the fence.

    I first considered SMP back in 2010 / 2011 and visited a well know clinic chain in Birmingham, I entered with high hopes and left disappointed, all of the worked looked terrible, like helmet heads. However in all fairness, the industry was very much in its infancy, I know the people I met there have gone on to be respected.

    I put SMP out my mind until an advert popped up somewhere this year and I started to investigate the procedure again – treatments had certainly moved on and my motivation was re-sparked!

    I scoured every photo and every forum / review start to finish.

    I was never unconfident with a bald (wet shaved) head, it suited me according to others and I only wore hats in the cold. However, I remembered a conversation I had with another follicley challenged friend where we discussed whether we would like hair again. Both of us said that we would like hair, but would keep it shaved short. Real men don’t gel or blow-dry their hair! Picture below.

    Being 41yrs old, the last thing I wanted was the hairline of a 21yr old Rapper, finding the right practitioner for me was vital, again I studied this extensively.
    This is when I discovered the work of Marcin at Skalp’s Manchester clinic, totally natural hair lines, work not too dense, his treatments were the most natural looking in the world, trust me I looked.

    Bear in mind that I live close to Birmingham where there are at least 5 clinics on my doorstep and London is on an hour train journey away, Manchester is a bit of a pain in the ass to get too, but I was more than prepared to travel for the right practitioner.

    On consultation, Marcin made me feel both confident and relaxed, I also met Dean (a top bloke, whose work I also witnessed and it is excellent). The clinic is central, but discreet, so relaxed, it is like going to a friend’s house!

    Before pics


    Session 1.

    I was very nervous and despite having 4 tattoos without a single problem, I really struggled with the pain and had to stop regularly for breaks. Yet the other gentleman who was there, was chatting away like he was having a pint with Dean in the pub!

    When I was shown the mirror, I was shocked, not positively! My scalp and even my forehead was bright red, I called my wife when I got in my car and told her I thought I made a mistake! Half way home, after having the air con on full, I stopped to go to the service station. The redness had died down and it looked great!

    I rarely take selfies, I am not photogenic, but here is a photo at this point! Double click them to get them the right way round


    Session 2
    The treatment had died right down (as Marcin said it would), so I was glad to be back in the chair!!!! This time, I took to the treatment better thanks to heavy pain killers and had a good laugh in the clinic where Dean was working on a client also.
    Here is a photo post second session. (only 1 I could find)


    Session 3
    5 weeks later (this week) I was back, I saw some very minor changes I wanted to make and Marcin spotted others, I think I was in the chair for around 4/5 hours, whilst the perfectionist finished my treatment.
    I am absolutely buzzing with it! Here is a photo only 24hrs post treatment.


    He is a professional, throughout all the treatments he constantly re-enforced what to expect, predicted how I might be feeling throughout the journey and how to look after my scalp post procedure – he was NEVER wrong.
    He does not rush his work, he stays relaxed himself and not only does this relax you, but you are confident he is not trying to get you out the door to get the next person in.
    On top of this, he is a top bloke, full of conversation and he felt like a friend instantly.

    Skalp Manchester

    Hi Lj.
    Thanks a lot – we really appreciate your feedback.
    We found your 2 photos before session 2. It looked good before we even started session 3.
    Cheers 🍻 from Marcin and Dean. 😉


    You are welcome!



    My wife and Son would be brutally honest with me if they didn’t like it, they actually loved it! – WIN

    I went for a night out with friends 24hrs after my 1st session, they LOVED the treatment, throughout the cocktail filled night, they would tell me unprompted how good it looked and my fellow bald mate would just stare at it and tell me he wanted it done!!! – WIN

    After session 2 I was out dog walking in the sunny weather, I stopped to exchange pleasantrys with a bloke who was bald, he was talking about burning and said to me “It’s ok for you, you could grow your hair if you wanted too” – WIN.

    That evening I also went out with some good friends, only when the evening went on the lighting changed did one say “Your hair is actually quite thick isn’t it” – WIN. I told them what I had done, they all said they really liked it and the conversation moved on!!

    Other very close lifelong friends, have seen it and loved it (trust me, they would take great delight in ripping me to shreds if they didn’t!).

    If you are on the fence, make the move, I doubt very much that you’ll ever regret it!!!


    Hi LJ, really good read… I love reading peoples experiences and find it reassuring that there’s consistancy regardless of which Skalp clinic you go to.. the results are amazing and u look so much better for it – congrats 🙂


    Those close ups are amazing. Great work.


    Thanks Coconut head and Narb, I am over the moon to be honest!


    Hi LJ
    Your post has been a good read thank you. I’m the same age as you and I’m booked in this July with Dean which seems like an age away (12wks). On a weekly basis I’m up and down about it but reading your post has kept me upbeat and your pics look fab and you look much younger the your pre-smp photos!!!
    I’m dreading going back into the office after I’ve had the 1st 2 treatments, but hey-ho, guess I’ll just have to deal with it (I’ve not told anyone I’m getting this done btw)…😶


    Hi Shayne,
    I can not believe you booked it so far in advance???? (unless you are saving up for it?). I really do think that you shall drive yourself mad over this next twelve weeks!!! Honestly, if anyone notices and comments, you can have some answers prepared – “I’ve stopped wet shaving it every morning and am using a beard trimmer instead – what do you think?” or be honest, but you dont have to go into detail “I’ve had a treatment – what do you think?’
    There shall not be a single person who says it looks shite! The reactions shall be positive, trust me!
    It is so realistic you’ll forget you are bald! I see it no differently from a women having a boob job or even someone losing a load of weight and hitting the gym.
    You’ll be surprised just how uninterested people are if they do notice and comment at all!!!!! I shaved my beard off (not to co-incide with the treatment, just did it), more people commented on that then my SMP!
    Have think about bringing it forward, Dean is really good, I went out socially right after treatment 1 & 2, no problems at all! (treatment 3 is not noticable at all to anyone but you and your practitioner)


    If the hairline is right, it is so subtle Shayne honestly. If you havent already, get the Mrs make up pencil and have a play with a hairline, so you have something in mind before you see Dean (he’ll advise anyway), or a gentleman who was in the same time as me on session 1 took in a good old photo he had and Dean based it on that. To be honest, I dont think my hairline has been this good since I was about 18!
    If you wore contacts instead of glasses, more people would comment.


    Thanks for the feedback LJ. Only reason I booked so far in advance as this was the next time I had 2 weeks booked off (school holidays) to allow for the 1st 2 treatments to be completed.
    Thanks also for the ideas around espouses to treatment when I return to work 🙈 Not sure exactly why you shaved ur beard off mind/it looked even better with the SMP…!!!
    I’ve saved to some pics of SMP treatments I’ve seen on othe people which look really subtle which I’ve decided to show Dean when I go in for treatment #1
    Furthermore I’ve shown the images to the missus and she agreed (first time in 17yrs)… 😶
    Not sure what u mean about the contact lenses / glasses; did you mean SMP will be more noticeable in the office w/o them on…?

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