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    As the title says i’ve just finished my 2nd session and wanted to say a big thank you to Antonio, I was pretty nervous before starting the treatment but Antonio reassured me of all my concerns and put my mind at ease, he is a perfectionist and really listened to how i wanted the hairline soft and natural, it has turned out exactly as i wanted, seriously if you did not know you would just think I shaved my head and the blend with my real hair is spot on, the only person I have told is my girlfriend and she loves it, nobody else knows.

    Before starting the treatment I would think of every possible reason not to do it or how it could go wrong, but even 10 minutes into the first session you realise you have taken the jump and you kind of relax, it’s already weird looking back at pictures of myself with no hair even from a few weeks ago.

    Again big thank you to Antonio for all your effort and putting up with me being so fussy, see you in a few weeks for session 3.

    I’ll post my before and after pictures up once it’s all settled after session 3


    Bang tidy

    Get some pictures up when you can mate, Like seeing the big changes in people, It’s true as soon as you start you feel like you’ve taken the leap which is a good feeling


    Looking forward to seeing the finished work…definitely getting closer to making the decision myself!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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