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    I’ve just had my first session on Friday with Leon and I am already amazed, I was doing my research and thinking about having it done for about 5 months, been shaving my head for the last 4 years, I saw all the pictures and videos and they look great but in my head I was thinking what happens if it doesn’t look that good on me, I didn’t look at my head the whole time he was doing it and waited until he was finished, my first words were s%&t it looks like hair, looks 10 times better than I imagined it would, Leon said wait until I see session 2 it looks even better, very weird feeling to see yourself with a hairline after years of not having one, but definitely a good one.
    The redness went down by Saturday night and the pain I would describe as 3 out of 10, maybe 4 on the sides.
    Leon is an absolute gent and you can tell he loves his job, Can’t wait for session 2.
    I’ll post my before after when it’s 100% finished.


    Can’t wait to see the finished result mate, if you’re happy now you will be even happier after it’s all finished


    Here is a pic of my treatment after session 3 after 1 week. Really looking forward to seeing your results. Has anyone noticed you’ve had the treatment…?

    Mr Marky

    How’s it going stokes, have you had your 3rd session yet?


    Yes had my last session in November, couldn’t be happier, I tweeked the hairline a bit on the 3rd session, brought it down a bit and softened it slightly, had nothing but good feedback, i’ve only told a few people and they say it looks great and can’t believe how much it just looks like hair, one person i told was my best mate, trust me if it wasn’t spot on he would be saying something but even he says it looks good haha. I’ll try and get some pics up next week, away with the wife at the moment.


    Nice hairline choice chimp, suits you


    How’s it going stokes, have you had all 3 sessions sessions yet?


    Hi Dave, yes had the 3rd session in January, I couldn’t be happier, weird I haven’t actually thought about my hair for a while now, you kind of just forget about it and get on with life. this treatment really does change your life in so many little small ways. I just feel more confident now.


    So true mate, you do just forget it, it’s like turning off the worry about baldness switch haha


    Hi Stokes, so can I see the after pic please?


    Yes, Stokes, could you please upload some pics? I’d be good to see the final result, specially now after 9-10 months after your treatment?
    Thank you


    when are you booked in for yours mate?


    Don’t know yet. Saw him this week for a consultation and still making my mind up! He showed me some pics from treatments he did but only after 2nd session, not the 3rd (and usually final) one.
    Leon seems very knowledgeable and pics looked good but they were taken just after 2nd session so it’d be good to see some final results – specially in Stoke’s case, a few months / nearly a year after the treatment is complete.


    I had my consultation with Leon about a month ago, I didn’t have a clue what to expect before I arrived. I had been looking at Skalp for quite a while, kept seeing all the top quality procedures being posted on the forum, social media etc. so just thought sod it let’s see what it about.
    In my consultation, Leon shows you various examples of previous/current clients to show you what to expect (as well as the mock up the Skalp team create). Leon answered all my queries with confidence and reassurance and walked out of the consultation knowing I’d be booking up asap.
    So I’m booked up and will be having my first procedure in 2 weeks with Leon. I’ll keep you all posted!
    Stokes, if you are reading it would be good to see your final results! Cheers

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