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    Well I’ve not put anything on here for some time which if I think about it is a testament to the way in which the whole SKALP experience has seen a seamless integration from ‘before to after’ to how I am now.
    Sitting here typing this over 12 months on from the completion of my treatment it’s difficult to remember a time when I didn’t have the appearance of a fully shaved head of hair. The face – and the head – that I shave every day that stares back at me in the mirror is really ME!
    Friends and family, people who you meet for the first time, all see the person who is in front of their eyes, not the previous incarnation who had such a radically different appearance.
    I called into see Damon last week – a combination of a social visit to have a brew and talk about the football and to get a professional view on how things were looking from a professional perspective.
    Like me Damon was totally impressed with way things have gone – as ever I always get the feeling that while SKALP is of course a commercial operation, this is a company who take great personal pride in the results they achieve and feel genuine satisfaction at the way in which they have helped their clients to benefit from this life changing procedure they provide.
    I will keep in touch and call in for an appraisal toward the end of the year – there might be a need for a minor touch up somewhere, as by the very nature of the ink/ skin relationship things can potentially fade due to general wear and tear or ‘weathering’ – who knows?
    I can say to those who are – like I was over a year ago – feeling a bit apprehensive about taking the plunge is do it!
    You won’t ever look back and it truely does help to change your outlook on life as well as your visual appearance.
    A genuinely totally happy client of the SKALP experience!


    Thanks for sharing Sallas, really encouraging to hear your story. I’ve recently had my first treatment and I’m just starting to feel happy with the new look and getting to know the man in the mirror again. I lol forward to the day both me and everyone I know doesn’t look at me and remember the previous look. But already got a few compliments on the new look which is helping my confidence. Even though I know it’s only the first session so even better results to come! I’m sure I’ll be posting a similar 12 month story :).

    Benjamin Kramer

    That’s where I want to be a year on.

    You looked great on your treatment photos.

    Do you have any up to date?


    I’m feeling exactly the same as you Sallas.

    Has been a similar amount of time probably longer and it really has been one of the best things I have done.


    Time flies when you’re having fun.

    I bet that years gone quick but sounds like a great year 🙂

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