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    Nobody likes to lose there hair,it effects more people than other’s. I had given up on a solution for hair loss years ago, I had heard so many bad experiences with transplants and the scars they leave behind. I googled for any secret lotions and potions that where out there but none with any credibility, so I had given up to be honest and I had come to terms with going bald. I started losing my hair around 22 years of age, im now 31. I hated the fact I was balding, looking at myself in the mirror and seeing that shiny head just knocked my confidence so much to the point I wouldn’t take my hat off, I wouldn’t want to go out and socialise. My self asteem was at an all time low. Then one day I saw a suggested post on facebook. It was skalp, and since then my life has changed for the better, because when you start feeling good about yourself then your life changes for the good. I hadn’t had a girlfriend in like 3 years, now im dating a beautiful swedish doctor and im happy again. Confidence is coming back. No one has even noticed the treatment, not even family.theres only a couple of people I’ve told and they said its unbelievable. So anyone thinking of having the treatment I would highly recommend it. Its been a couple of months since I’ve had the treatment now so I will get some pics up. Thanks for reading my story, and also a big thanks to the practitioner Damon, cool guy. Cheers


    It certainly is a life changer. Having had the treatment now for over a year I can honestly say it’s the best thing I have ever done. Can’t say I have pulled a Swedish Doctor like you lol but it’s been fantastic for my confidence.

    If you do put a photo up you must include your new girlfriend 😉


    Great story and great to hear you are as happy as we are. I also agree with DoctorMarten haha.

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