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    Amazing results Dean. Loving the hairline and what a difference it all makes from how you looked just 1 month ago. Going to look superb once it has settled.


    Comparison Pictures. Before Treatment.


    Comparison Pictures. Post 3rd Session.


    What a transformation Dean86. Looks really good and as Baldy said the difference between you then and now is there to see. I have my treatment next week and it’s results like these that have me so excited.


    Great stuff Dean86. Looks amazing and really suits you.


    Dean86. How long does it take for the redness to heal? I can’t take too many days off work.

    It looks very good.


    @TonyC – The redness on mine took around 2/3 days to settle down and once you are allowed to wet and shave after 4 days it should settle to a point where no one will notice.

    – Looking to business mate. Once that settles it will look top.


    Thanks for the answer CheadleBoy.


    Hi guys

    So its finally finished and settled down. Took 3 days maybe to finally calm down completely but the results are EVEN better than I thought. The 3rd session was really interesting to see the fading that had occurred in only a few places which I thought looked quite natural. It takes away the worry that when this does start to fade slightly it will still look great and unnoticeable and still very natural. Not one person has even questioned my new look and I’m constantly getting compliments.
    I must say this whole journey has been a pleasure and there’s a part of me that will actually miss my appointments. I think the customer service is fantastic with this company and in particular Oli and Damon who I had this experience with. Felt very comfortable, welcome and cared about throughout the whole process. Having such a serious treatment and having a laugh at the same time was such a bonus and really made those hours fly by. Considering how big a deal it was for me to do this I have felt nothing less than reassured throughout. It really is a breakthrough for us balding men that this exists. Now I am appreciating everything so much more because I feel so much more confident about life. Its amazing how much better to feel when you don’t have the baldness hanging over you the whole day. My advice would be get it done sooner than later. That way its less noticeable. All the questions and worries I had were a complete waste of time. Thinking that it was too good to be true was a waste of mental thought and I should’ve just not stressed. If anyone is considering doing this or about to have treatment, just look forward to it because it really is something that you are going to feel great about afterwards. 1 month on from my first treatment and I am still wearing away my mirrors as I can’t believe the change!

    Once again, a massive thank you to Damon for his amazing work. Its not often someone with so much experience and after so many treatments has the same enthusiasm to stay focused and passionate about everyone patient he has! He is a perfectionist, which lets face it, when it comes to having this done why would you want anyone else working on your head??


    Wow that looks amazing!

    I know how you feel dean, it’s hard to explain the feeling, you think and hope the treatment will look good, but not until you actually have it done can you really appreciate it.


    Great to hear it’s been a positive journey for you Dean86.


    You look years younger dean86! great results


    How has yours settled Dean?

    Ben Dover

    Great read Dean86. Love you transformation and would like something similar to this.

    How are things now for you?


    Great write up mate.
    The results look brilliant!
    Know exactly how yr feeling .
    And what a great feeling that is!
    Damon knows what he’s doing and that shows in the results !
    Enjoy it !

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 39 total)
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