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    Hi there!
    I’m David, I’m gonna just start off by saying a huge thank you to Derek at Skalp. Truest words ever!!!! Now I like how I look which without the treatment wasn’t a nice look for myself. I’m gonna keep this short…. but please listen to my mistakes in the past by getting a hair transplant, it’s nothing but pure lies in this hair loss industry!!! I find this is the best solution with no deception in it. The proof is in the pudding and the artists that carry out their passion, along with the expertise!!! Loved my new look. Just got a touch up from Antonio in London after having the treatment for 5 years….. just wow! It’s like new again…. so again thanks skalp and Antonio for the fresh look, I can’t forget Derek either for the first treatment! You guys are masters in this art. My scar is no longer noticeable and I have a proper shaven head look….. thank you Antonio!!!!!! What a feeling! I know I said I keep it short but I found myself rambling on haha, peace guys!!!!

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