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    So I have just had my first session with Derek at the London clinic and words cannot describe the feeling i get when staring at my head again whilst looking in the mirror.

    I began losing my hair from around the age of 17, as like a normal teenage boy, i was using loads of gels, hair putty etc. to style my hair every day. With time my scalp slowly began to become more and more apparent but i had just put that down to the way the gel stuck the hair together, to avoid accepting the fact i was losing my hair. My hair loss became most noticeable whilst beginning university (enter the “hat wearing stage”) I would cut my hair short and wear a hat every day, whatever the weather, just so others wouldn’t notice – out of sight, out of mind. I discovered various concealers, sprays, fibres to mask the hair loss and it worked like a dream for a while, but it became a very tedious procedure and was getting very expensive to maintain. So I started researching on alternative ways in which i could obtain a more permanent result but with low maintenance and discovered hair transplants and scalp micropigmentation (SMP). I wasn’t keep on the hair transplant option considering the low probability of it actually working and how expensive it was, so i began researching more on SMP and had come across Skalp UK to be the best option out of all the companies i looked into, from all the pictures and testimonials, so i decided to book a free consultation.

    I had my consultation with Derek who immediately put me at ease from the moment i walked in through the door. Derek was extremely easy to talk to and answered all my questions clearly and honestly, where not once had i felt pressured or forced into making a decision to go with Skalp, it felt more of a casual conversation rather than a sales pitch, where the main focus was on whether this was the right decision for me. He told me of his hair loss journey which i could relate to every word he spoke, like he was telling my own story. Derek showed me his Skalp treatment and I couldn’t believe it as it looked so real and natural. It was probably at that moment i was around 90% sold on the idea. A few days later I was emailed the mock up pictures as to what i could potentially look like and was blown away by the proposed results (now 100% sold) and decided to book in my first session with Derek.

    The day of my first session I was extremely nervous and was second doubting myself whether i should go through with it, but knowing I had a professional practioner like Derek doing my treatment and looking at the mock up pictures once again, all my doubts disappeared. The first session took around 3.5 hours, the procedure wasn’t painful as such, but rather uncomfortable. However after the first 10 minutes especially with Derek’s soothing singing voice and the flowing conversation, i forgot about the discomfort and the next thing i knew the first session was complete. I stood in front of the mirror completely amazed at the results and couldn’t believe I had a hair line again (something I hadn’t seen in years). Derek is truly a perfectionist, whilst I was sitting in that chair all the focus was on my treatment and nothing else. The session didn’t finish until he was completely satisfied that’s all he could do in that session, which gave me great confidence in knowing I had chosen the right person for the job, he truly is a magician, a very skilled perfectionist at his trade and just an overall genuine great guy who i cannot rate any higher.

    I am very happy with the results so far and looking forward to my second session, thanks to the team at Skalp for making this journey extremely easy and one to remember, however one suggestion would be to give Derek or any of the practioners a portfolio of their work so the client can see the work they have done first hand on other people, as i felt this was one thing that was missing from the consultation. Nonetheless a big shout out to Derek, you’ve changed my life and taken away the stress I have had about my hair, YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!!!!

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