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    Alright chaps and ladies,
    I’ve been for my consultation and researched SMP as much as I think is healthy/humanly possible, and now I’m pretty much ready to pull the trigger and go for it.

    Skalp has by far the best results I have seen, and my consultation was the best I’ve had (been to another clinic in Birmingham) .

    I’ve yet to see a treatment in the flesh on someone with a similar skin and hair tone to me (light skin, very light brown hair), and feel like this would really help convince me. I asked skalp if they could put me in touch with someone and they said that this was the best place to go.

    So, is any one willing and able to meet with me in London and let me inspect their scalp? Happy to meet anywhere but central/north is easiest!




    I would love you meet up to show you my treatment buddy but I’m in New York.
    I personally can’t recommend this treatment and skalp enough, trust me you would never regret it. skalp can match the treatment to any hair colour so I wouldn’t worry about that.
    Sure you’ll find someone to meet up with soon, think it’s a matter of timing if someone with the same skin and hair colour has had it done recently, is on this forum and wants to meet up.
    All the best!



    Hey Jack,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to get back, really appreciate it.

    I know what you mean and I’m confident they can achieve what I’m going for, but my sensible (bald) head says to see it in person before paying that deposit.

    Out of interest how long have you had yours for and what sort of look did you go for? Have people noticed / asked you what you had done?




    Hi 21thunder, Where did you have your consultation? I recently had a touch up in London and my practitioner Jay Andre has quite light hair and treatment. May be worth going to see his head if you’re close to London.



    Thanks Dave.
    Yeh I had my consultation in London with Leon, who was really helpful and definitely knew what he was talking about. Which other practitioners from other clinics weren’t able to! I’v seen examples of his work too and they are very impressive indeed and it looks like he could certainly achieve what I am going for – i.e a very *very* soft hairline . Although I have seen more examples of Marcin’s work with regard to soft hairlines but I guess that’s down to a number of different reasons.

    I’ll definitely get in touch with Skalp and ask about meeting Jay Andre.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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