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    Just completed my 3rd treatment with the master of the needle the one and only Mr Damon.
    My story is that I lost my hair years ago didn’t really bother me that much but came across this treatment about a year ago! Done loads of research across the net and thought this is it why not get it done it looks brilliant! But where with who ? One name who kept getting top results was Damon. If anyone can get this big baldy head looking top notch it’s this man !
    Going for the consultation with Damon convinced me ! Top man made me feel at ease straight away . Told me everything from the 1st session just being an outline the real magic happening on the 2nd session!
    I was blown away with the 1st session a hairline!
    Pain level on a scale of 1-10 was no more than 3 no bother there!
    Damon kept me entertained throughout the sessions very funny Liverpool mad ! Hope for his sake Luis Suarez scores hatfuls this season then gets injured in the warm up b4 England game!
    Second session was life changing as Damon said this is where the magic happens and boy was he right ! I had hair !!!!
    Never once did I where a hat and never once did anyone give my head a 2nd glance!
    We are the only ones that care! Nobody looks at our baldy heads and thinks anything !
    Come session 3 and the masterpiece was complete!
    Damon you have made me the happiest man in the world! Love it !
    My girlfriend family and mates thinks it’s the dogs bollocks! Nobody can tell it’s not real!
    It’s taken years of me If I say so myself !
    Those still thinking about it go for it it will give you a feeling like you’ve never had! Haven’t stopped smiling ! This gives you a feeling of self confidence like nothing else !
    I’ve asked Damon to put some photos on here for me.
    Get booked up lads !
    Damon cheers mate! Top man !


    I can’t stand Luis Suarez but it sounds like he’s done a good job on you. Great write up 🙂


    lol love your enthusiasm mate. Im not a wordy as you but I feel the same. Look forward to seeing the pictures.


    Cheers boys I’ll get the photos up !
    Had the first shave since the treatment
    Loving it!
    Haven’t stopped smiling since !
    Christmas week ahead .
    Lets see this new head do so damage !!!!!!!!


    Photos as requested Ha Ho He Hertha BSC.

    Some before pictures.


    Photos after treatment.

    New hairline created and density given to match the existing side and back hair. Once settled will give an all round even look.

    Enjoy the new you HA HO HE HERTHA BSC.


    Cheers Damon,
    Now it´s settled looks unbelievable !
    Loving the hairline !
    Boys this is a LIFE CHANGER !
    It´s very hard to describe it but it just makes you feel confident.
    No more shying away from cameras anymore !
    And the best thing is nobody cares or will even notice it.
    But for a confidence boost there´s nothing like it.
    Women get their boobs ,face everything done nowadays so why shouldn´t the boys get a little help !
    Dust off the old shagging shoes and get back in the ball game !
    Huge thanks Damon you´ve made me a very happy man indeed !
    Merry Christmas to each and everyone !
    Get booked up lads !
    Damon´s your man !


    Looks really really nice Hertha. I no what you mean about not shying away from the camera now. Merry Xmas to you.

    Ben Dover

    Really great job on you. Are you a German football fan?


    Very nice treatment and you are a happy soul for sure. A German skinhead is better than a German baldy any day of the week.


    cheers lad!
    I´m a hertha bsc fan ben!
    you said it cheadleboy !once a skin always a skin!
    jumping infront of all cameras now curly !

    Merry christmas lads !
    Enjoy the new heads !
    Going away on holiday in Jan so let yr know the results of the head when I get back.
    Personally I think it´s gonna be an away win !
    HO HO HO Merry Christmas everyone !


    He didn’t score over the Christmas period 🙂


    That looks superb mate.

    I can see why you are so happy and the shape and hairline suit you.

    Bet it was a very happy Christmas 😉


    Happy new year everyone !
    And what a start it has been !
    The response has been fantastic nobody believes it not hair !
    The main point is it is so realistic nobody would ever believe anyone would have a tattoo on their head in the first place !!!
    The difference a hairline makes is unbelievable! Takes years off anyone .
    Even went to the hairdressers with my girlfriend . Bright lights professional hair people
    They must notice I thought . Not a clue ! She said why don’t you let yr hair grow my fella would love to have yr hair ! Before I could say a word girlfriend said quote ” I love a shaved head ”
    End of conversation on that subject !
    Walked out of there 10 foot tall grinning like just won the World Cup !
    Nobody can tell ! It’s undetectable . And more to the point nobody cares !
    Get this done for yourselves !!!!!
    The feel good factor this treatment gives you money can’t buy .
    Those still thinking about it get booked up you’ll love the results that’s guaranteed !
    Arise Sir Damon thanks a lot mate ! Top man !


    Amazing isn’t it what confidence this new look gives us.

    Yours looks brilliant Hertha. Love your enthusiasm 🙂

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