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    Alright Everyone,

    My names Lewis & i’ve been receding steadily since about 18, i’m now 25 and after wet shaving my head for the past 3 years i’ve decided enough is enough.

    Ive got my first sitting booked with Marcin for 10th October & i cant wait. I’d just like to thankyou all for the reassuring posts on here, They really do help make a decision in an area where seeking advice inst the easiest. task.

    Im not worried about the time between sittings or healing time since im quite open to people that im having this procedure done, I’ve spent enough time worrying about what people thought of my hair that now im not arsed what people think at all. Ive got 2 tattoo sleeves & also had my ribs done so ive spent a fair amount of time under the needle so hopefully the pain wont be an issue.

    I just wanted to pick your brains on electric shavers…. As mentioned ive been wet shaving for 3 years now and im sick of it, ive got quite thick/dense hair when it grows in (Apart from the sides which have receded) so ideally id like a foil shaver that can contend with dense hair growth. Watching reviews on you tube helps to a degree but the people testing dont necessarily have the same type hair as myself, so i was wondering if any of you could help?

    Also id like to say that ive seen a lot of pictures of peoples treatments on this site & can honestly say they look amazing, Hence why i’m jumping aboard the Skalp ship. I’m hoping to bring back some confidence that i unknowingly may have lost.

    Cheers for reading, photo of hairline to follow.



    Hello Lewis :

    It’s good to have you on board. I can’t advise you on the treatment itself, as I’m too waiting for my first treatment, which is scheduled for the 22nd of Sept with Marcin. I’ve, just yesterday, shaved down to the wood so I could moisturize my scalp and get used to the short look.

    I’m 51. I’ve had three HTs, which were a big let down, so it took me quite a while to consider the option of scalp pigmentation. I had some mock-ups done and then went over to the Manchester clinic to see the procedure first hand and to speak to the artists. My concern was that the pigmentation wouldn’t look natural. I watched two procedures being carried out before and during my consultation. I spoke to Marcin about the procedure and came away believing that scalp pigmentation was the answer, mainly based on what I saw with my own eyes; It does look natural.

    All the best for October!!



    Lewis you’ll look amazing with it. I’ve tried a few razors but settled for Marcins recommendation of the bald eagle shaver, which I bought on amazon. True , you may need to use it more than a wet shave, but it leaves your hair with enough texture ( especially as you have some on top) further adding to the real feel of your treatment. The good thing about the bald eagle is how easy it is to use and it takes less than 5 minutes !


    Hi gents well my wait is up I’m having my first treatment tomorrow with Marcin in Manchester.
    I have a nervous excitement I’ll put a post up tomorrow to let you how it’s gone and hopefully put some pics up once it settled down

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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