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    Hi guys. I’m going to post my story as truthfully as possible. Hairloss for me is a massive thing. I’m no Brad pitt but I thought I was a relatively decent looking guy until I started losing my hair. Like most people reading this, i started losing my hair in my early 20’s. Now at the age of 34 I hated looking like a baldy. I had no self confidence which in turn, stopped me from being as sociable as i’d like to be. Quite honestly not a day would pass where I wouldnt look in the mirror and hate what I saw.
    My Mrs has always said she likes the shaved hair look and to be fair I had no option but to me, seeing a baldy guy with a shaved head because he has to shave it is different to seeing a guy with a shaved head because he wants that look……..

    It’s taken me 2 years to pluck up the courage but I finally I emailed Nina at SKALP. I contacted several different places but after reading all the different stuff over the internet, they seemed to stand out from the rest. I made the right choice…………….

    I had no interest in having a consultation. I had faith in their services simply from what I had read and after personally contacting people who had had the treatment (Paul Connely). So this was it, I had to do this, for myself, for my own self confidence.
    I called Nina as I had a few questions. I’m a fitness trainer and as I sweat a lot with my job I thought this would be an issue through the treatment stages.
    I was put at ease straight away and thought I have to do this. I booked my first appt.
    Building up to the big day I wont lie, I was shitting it. Will it look false? What will will people say? What if i look a dick? All these things were going through my head and more. The big day came and I hadnt slept a wink. I set off in good time from York to manchester, found a really dodgy car park and found the place pretty easily. Nervous as hell I rocked up and met the practitioner. Instantly I felt at ease. I’d read all about the skalp practitioners and their experience, I knew i was in the best hands so although I was nervous, I had faith at the same time.

    What I loved was that we sat down, chatted about the whole thing over a brew. I didnt feel rushed through the whole process as though i was next to get done then kick out of the door. Remembering i’ve never actually sat down and spoke with someone before about how I felt. It’s been bottled up inside, after all i’m a man and we’re not suppose to show emotions right?
    Expressing how I felt was hard, but explaining it to someone who has also been there seemed much easier………

    It was time and we went through to the room. I was not concerned about any pain. I even remember saying after that he could have made it 4 times as bad and I would still have done it. That’s how much I wanted to get me confidence back. So was it painful? Not at all. On a scale of 1- 10, i’d rate it a 3. A piece of piss to be completely honest and thats not me trying to be a tough guy.
    The practitioner passed me a white pencil and said, “OK, Draw on your head a hairline that you are thinking of. I knew exactly the sort of thing I wanted. A natural looking hairline, not something that look to perfect as i think that looks shite. he agreed that for my shape head etc, that he would agree with what i was envisaging.
    It took about 3 hrs for my first session. I remember looking in the mirror and already saw a massive leap forward. ” Holy shit, I have a hair line again” was my first words and man did it feel good. OK so it didnt look perfect as they explained, a first treatment shouldnt and doesnt but It gave me a picture of how it was going to look.

    It was a great feeling and I knew things would only get better. We chatted after the treatment too and i was feeling so good. I stuck to the guidelines after the treatment that was clearly explained to me and given to me on a handout.

    I’ve now just had my 2nd treatment done and the difference is AMAZING with a capital A. You feel good after treatment 1 but after treatment 2, you’ll be blown away!

    I have my 3rd and final treatment in Manchester early July and thats me fully SKALPED. Would I recommend this treatment to guys that are losing their hair or have lost their hair. WITHOUT A DOUBT and there’s only person I’d be visiting to to do it too. Thanks SKALP. Life changing is an understatement. You’re a top geezer and I can’t thank you enough. Ben

    PICS SHOW BEFORE TREATMENT AND DIRECTLY AFTER TREATMENT 2. The redness has now died down and I cant even make out the difference between my own natural hair and my SKALPED area. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!


    Robbouk has asked me to post photos after his 3rd session today. He will be updating his experience soon.


    How he looked before.


    And after today’s 3rd treatment.


    Have been keeping a look out for this treatment as we do the same type of job. Looks smart and makes a big difference to you. I’m booked in for October and cannot wait.


    Well done Robbouk that’s going to be a very nice treatment. Makes you look like a whole new person.

    What’s the reaction from other people been like through your process. That’s normally a good indication of how it’s looking.

    Benjamin Kramer

    Looks really good.


    Excellent treatment. Nice hairline.


    hairline is fantastic mate !
    you look great. 🙂


    Top drawer result for you RobboUK and once that settles down it will look very good.


    Welcome to the Skalp Crew Robbouk.

    Makes a big difference to you.


    Very very nice.

    You can see the detail gone into the treatment.

    Will look great when it settles down.


    A hairline really does make a difference to somebody’s look. Look forward to hearing what it’s been like for you since having this done.

    Benjamin Kramer

    I agree the difference between having a hairline and not is noticeable. For me it just make u look younger.


    Benjamin having a hairline is such a fantastic thing and for me made such a big difference. Get yourself down to your nearest clinic and have a consultation. They are friendly and offer great advice and I’m certain you will then go for it.

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