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    Hello everyone on the Skalp forum

    I’m new on here but would like to write a bit about my experience at Skalp clinic in Manchester and having the procedure micro pigmentation. Please read guys if your interested in having the ttreatment…


    I had my first consultation with Dean a Marcin at the Manc clinic.
    After the build up of anticipation and lots of research I’d done it was actually a relief to see 2 treatments in person, Dean and Marcin’s both practitioners had SMP and looking so natural . I Knew without even starting the consultation this treatment was perfect for me if it looks as good as theirs.
    I looked at the work done from Dean and Marcin and the clients treatments all done in Manchester displayed on the iPad so I got to see their individual work which looked exceptionally good, I was fascinated with how authentic and real they looked. The results seen for me justified every penny on the price tag  that id got qouted as they looked more natural than any other company out there and I’d done an extensive amount of research. The decision was a no brainer for me, and why not if it’s going to make me feel better and I know it would do. All my other questions and worries got explained also that I was worried about I was made to feel at total ease. I’m not one for just jumping into things but I had already done all my research on Skalp forum and come see the practitioners who relieved my worries, I just thought sod it, and I decided to book on the day and set my first 2 sessions. I was completely sold 😁😁😁 let’s do this….

    Session 1.

    Everything was explained on the consultation that the results would only be around 25/30% finished after session 1, so don’t expect too much today in terms of density and blending yet that will all come. They explained it’s just one layer of density, and hairline shape today.
    So after a lengthy talk about how I wanted the hairline to be, we discussed that I wanted a very soft light natural treatment that would match my sides. After 4hrs in the chair with a break in between here and there by the end of the session it was looking very red and slightly darker than you’d want but I expected that as it was fresh. The redness stands out more than the actual treatment at first so anyone out there don’t panic, I did looked like a beetroot hahaa.  After the session I took the train back home and by the time I got home the redness had almost fully settled. So now 3hrs later I’m seeing the treatment more and to be fair looked good after even as fresh as the dots looked, yes it wasn’t dense enough yet but honestly I was quiet excited just to see the hairline back. Huraaayyyyahhh 
    I knew this week was going to be the longest of my life as I couldn’t wait to get back for the second session.

    Session 2
    Ok so once they have the first layer of density and hairline down now they add between those pigment dots to make it look fuller. As they explained I’m expecting around 70% density after this session to look more like hair would and match my sides more. This session took a little longer than the first as there was more blending done to match my exsisting follicles. It was a tad more painful this time tbh I don’t know why but easily bearable but to be fair I’d suffer alot more to see my hairline back haha.
    Ok so after over 4hrs  I looked back at myself in the mirror it was like a weight lifted from my shoulders even tho it was red again I was like “I DIDN’T LOOK BALD ANYMORE” I just couldn’t believe it . The work done was unbelievable so realistic even looking close up and a nice broken and slightly recessed hairline like I asked. These practitioners really are the best at what they do , I was made up honestly.

    Session 3. (4 weeks later)

    I asked the question “why so long after session 2 would you leave for the last and final session ? Dean’s said it’s it’s best to leave it at least 1 month for the pigment to fully settle, then they can make any adjustments On this final session plus to finalise the quality.
    I didn’t really believe I needed a 3rd session as I was already happy with what I saw but these guys see what you can’t and so  Dean spent 2hrs and half with a sprinkle and strengthen a few weaker areas to complete the look.

    2 months later….. (after session 3)

    Honest opinion I am 100% happy with how my treatment looks and it’s all thanks to the practitioners at Skalp Manchester. I look in the mirror now and it feels great to see myself feeling good and looking a whole lot better now. It’s beautiful to see it looking so subtle but adds so much to my look.
    Ok guys I know it’s a long review and I’m sorry but I had to tell you in a bit more detail so you guys get the idea if your skeptical about having   SMP. If your worried and unsure and don’t take my word for it just please go see the guys at Skalp they are professionals and so talented at their craft. Throughout my whole experience it was a great atmosphere there and a pleasure to have met the guys. Huge thanks and peace out 👌👌



    Attached photo of my treatment close up.


    Great write up mate, can you post any recent pics?

    Bang tidy

    Yeah get some pics up mate, want to see now

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