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    Hi I’m thinking of getting smp I live in Newcastle upon Tyne I was just wondering which practice is better ? Which practitioner would you recommend although they all seem very good, also what time scales would you guys do for the three sessions thanks in advance.


    Hi Canny, welcome to the forum 🙂 I’ve honestly heard so many good things about each individual practitioner, I really dont think it’s a case of ‘who’s best’ when it comes to skalp.. They all are. If you go through enough posts here you’ll realise that yourself.. Everyone has had SMP so knows your concerns, has answers for those concerns and gives the attention to detail that you would expect.

    Personally, i had Derek do my SMP and couldnt be happier about that. He’s an absolute gent. Fantastic artist. He’s all over at the moment (NYC, LDN) but you may still catch him at Edinburgh too as I believe that was his original location (and he’s Scottish!).

    I know Chimp will tell you great things about Dean in Manchester too and there’s plenty to be said for Marcin too all over the forum 🙂

    Everybody’s different, but 1st and 2nd session tends to be a week apart. As for session 3, i recall a minimum of 5 weeks is needed for it to settle between sesions 2 and 3.

    Good luck with your smp journey, you’ve come to the right place -ask around 🙂


    Cheers narb much appreciated. Also I should have asked what is the amount of time you have to leave it after an smp session until you can sweat I like to go to the gym a lot and I do sweat a bit thanks.


    Either are fine, they are all experienced. I would recommend Manchester as I have had two sessions there, and one to go.
    You cant exercise/sweat for 4 days or so until after the treatment or swim for about 28 days or so.
    So basically for the first two sessions you can exercise for two weeks – as by the time the 4 days is over, you will probably have your next appointment and then you cant exercise for 4 days after that – I played it safe and have not exercised for a couple of weeks – I must admit that has been the most frustrating part – as I like to go out for a run a few times a week.


    There’s quite a bit of advice out there re. the sweat issue.

    Personally i left it 3 weeks. Its horrible and frustrating but it is A LOT of money (well spent of course, but..) do you really want to risk ruining it?

    Each to their own, but for me, 3 weeks after your most recent session before hitting the iron 🙂


    I think your safe after 2 weeks to exercise, it should be fully in by then.

    Regarding which clinic to go to you would get the result you want whichever one you go to, these guys don’t mess about, there at the top of their game


    I had my 1st session done in Manchester today haha
    Thanks guys!

    Really happy can’t wait till a next week for my session 2.

    It’s a bit of the rollercoaster if am honest but really really worth it.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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