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    I have just finished my second session with Antonio at the London Harley St clinic. The results are as amazing as I had hoped they would be! (I would say the results are ‘better’ than expected, however I was in no doubt about how good it would look after my first meeting with Antonio).
    I went to the first consultation with only one real question – “What does it look like?” I had seen photos/videos online, but hadn’t actually met anyone who had SMP done on them. Antonio was waiting for me at the door to the clinic, and I recognised him straight away from his video/photos on the website… As soon as I saw his head (He let me have a close look!) I was satisfied straight away that it looked as good as the photos… in fact it looks better in real life! My consultation was over within 15minutes, I had the answer I wanted/needed at the start. I was then back about a week or two later for my first session – I had spent quite a lot of time thinking about the hairline I wanted, so we quite quickly got that drawn and ready to go. Like most people have said on these forums, I was very happy after the first session, and close friends/family were really impressed with the result. However, after the second session a week later the ‘hair shadow’ has become really well-defined, and people can’t believe how good it looks, it blends perfectly with my existing hair! I’m glad I was ‘assigned’ Antonio… I’m sure all the technicians are as talented, however he had an air of confidence that put my mind at ease, and we got on well throughout the process. I will be returning in a few weeks for my final session, where any slight imperfections will be sorted (Although I’m sure I won’t see any!). It’s been well worth the money!
    I would be happy to answer any questions, if anyone has any,
    Thank you Antonio, and Skalp – Life changers!



    Glad yo see another happy customer, get some pics up when you can mate



    Photo taken a couple of days after the second session



    Looks bloody fantastic!



    3months later



    It looks be bollox mate. Antonio did mine also. How many sessions you had? All 3 I presume. Also what shade pigment? Mine has faded a little so going for a fourth to go darker.



    Thanks mate! I had three sessions, I don’t know what shade the pigment was I just left it to Antonio to decide. Mine doesn’t appear to have faded, I have been on holiday & made sure I wore factor 30 sunscreen on my head, constantly reapplying. Sometimes it seems faded, but it all depends on the lighting in the room with the mirror!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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