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    Posted about this in another post but thought if would be better to give it if own thread
    Saw it on another forum
    Coconut oil
    Seems its a good moisturiser , no additives at all
    Plus it seems to cure all sorts of problem as being good to take internally
    Holland and Barrett have it for £15 plus get a 2nd for a penny

    Have a look at this link


    I got some and going yo try it on scalp after Sunday
    In the meantime I’m using it on face


    I use a matte moisturiser now as I find using normal moisturisers they make my head shine too much. Also I only moisturise every few days because of this.

    I think moisturising your head is good when having the treatment because it keeps the skin good.


    The thing with coconut oil is it’s pure
    Nothing added at all
    So I’m using it for everything now
    Including in the bath
    It’s used by a lot of people to protect tattoos
    So I’ll use it on scalp after tomorrow
    When you read up on it it’s amazing what it’s used for

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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