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    I had my treatment done a couple of months ago in the office in NYC. Love the results so much but my skin tends to get dry sometimes and especially in the winter.I was reccommended a lotion made by “Kiehl’s” which i absolutely loved and used religiously. Unfortunately, it seems it has recently been discontinued. After calling the office, Graig was kind enough to refer a few other lotions that he would recommend instead.

    Before I went out or went online and bought one of the other options, I wanted to ask if any one on here has a “go-to” lotion or moisturizer?

    I am currently using a vaseline brand lotion, but I don’t love it and it makes my head all shiny.


    Hi Jumpman,

    I used to be bothered if my head looked shiny but now i just use a dove moisturiser and it keeps it looking in good condition, if i’m going out on the weekend and i really want to get rid of the shine i use milk of magnesia, you can get it from boots in the UK not sure about the US, just use a tiny bit and dab it on your head and you’ll be shine free


    hey Jumpman!

    so annoying with the Kiehl’s lotions. I hate my head being shiny but that stuff was great because it also took care of my dry skin. I called up graig after i saw this post because I’m almost out of my bottle of lotion and had a mini panic attack. he told me about 2 good ones from the same company to pair together to give me the same effect my current lotion is giving me.

    Peter Thomas Roth is the name of company who makes them. one is a body lotion and the other a mattifying gel. Kind of annoying to use two separate things instead of having it all in one bottle, but its worth it in my eye. Haven’t used it yet but it seems to get good reviews. I will keep you posted!

    Dave – just googled what milk of magnesia is… you put that stuff on your head? Is there something that makes that stuff better than other mattifying gels?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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