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    Having researched this procedure I wonder if anyone can help and I’d like to have the view not just off the company. When I looked onto the HIS forums there seemed to be positive propoganda and any negative posts dismissed and rubbished and I haven’t seen any negative posts here which hopefully is a positive as this is a massive decision.
    As I have never seen an SMP in person whenever i see the photos apart from the ones at a slight distance I find the dots look big and unrealistic, does anyone else agree?
    Can the dot size be reduced if what hair you got left is really fine and not that prominent when shaved?
    What if sides are greying and they go greyer after procedure, how will still look OK?
    What happens if the procedure looks awful in your opinion, who lazers it off, how long does it take, does it completely go and are there any after effect and where is this carried out, by whom and is the cost of treatment refunded?
    With regards to the procedure is it acceptable after 1 session, e.g to go out in public etc or do you need the 2nd quickly?
    Can you leave long periods between each session?

    Sorry for all the questions but it’s a big decision as your’e all aware.


    Most photos are just after the process is done. Believe me you need to see it in person. I’ve had my head examined ( lol sounds wrong) by colleagues at work and nobody believes me! You cannot tell where the hair stops and smp begins ! Having seen many companies work in person Skalp is definite the most natural I have seen.
    Regarding the grey hair. Your smp is matched to the remaining hair shaved down. Grey hsir is not visible totally shaved down. Smp replaces / gives a follicle illusion ( not illusion of hair ) so the match and blend are always perfect.
    If you go to Skalp , trust me you will not want to laser it off. It’s an amazing process. So subtle yet appearance changing.
    Re going in public. I went without a hat two days after. Nobody notices!even your old stereotypical sarcastic lad types! One actually commented ‘ oh you’ve shaved your hair , that looks better, you don’t see your baldy bit ‘ lol.


    Thanks for the reply coconut, I’m hoping to see it done when I get chance, unfortunately I live 5 hours from the clinics so hoping to coincide it when I’m nearer. Thanks.


    Hi Sceptic :

    I’ve not had the treatment done yet; It’s my first session next week. I had those same concerns so, after having my mock-up, I went over to Manchester to see the procedure for myself. I saw four people who’d had scalp pigmentation, two artists and two customers, they all looked natural enough for me to like what I saw and to go ahead with the treatment.

    I can’t give you anymore advice than this at the moment but, if you’re in the Leeds area, I’d be happy to meet up with you when the job’s done, so you can make your own mind up.

    Good luck. St


    Thanks Stevie, that’s very helpful.

    Good luck with the treatment and keep us posted.


    I’ve had my consultation with the guys in Manchester, and to be honest I had no idea the guys working there had it done even though it may be more obvious as they work there.
    But the treatments I saw looked fantastic and natural and ultimately made my decision to book in my first session.

    Hope this helps a bit


    Thanks Matthew. Hope all goes well for you!

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