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    Excuse the length of this thread, I though it would be best to make 1 complete thread rather than posting updates… Grab a coffee.
    I starting loosing my hair about 3/4 years ago, I went from a really thick head of dark black hair to thinning on the crown to a NW7 within the 3 years. I always had my hair pretty short, usually a number 2/3 on clippers, so the fact I lost my hair weren’t a major issue as I just went shorter and shorter. I am now currently using a Remington face shaver.

    I first found out about the SMP treatment, after thinking “all I need is a tattoo of dots on my head” I googled that exact phrase and was very surprised to see that there were many companies out there already doing this. I won’t go into who they are and why I choose to use Skalp but after monitoring forums and speaking to other clients from different companies my choice was made up, I wanted Damon from Skalp to carry out my treatment.

    • Treatments

    So I had my first treatment on 13/11/13 in the Manchester Clinic with Damon. I found a cheap car park just down the road which was £4.50 all day, which is a bargain compared to NCP £16/day. Should anybody want to use this car park the postcode is M3 7AA, and is about a 5-minute walk from the clinic.

    I arrived for my 1st treatment about 40 minutes early but Damon and I spent this time to get to know each other and also each other’s background and how hair loss had affected both of us. When we got into the treatment Damon kept me involved every step of the way, the first being for me to describe my hairline I wanted, he asked me to draw on my hair line which tbh was all over the place, Damon used this as a guide for the hairline he would draw on, and he hit the nail on the head. The hairline he drawn was bang on what I wanted!
    We discussed shades and we started off with a 32 and after a while Damon changed to a 28 as some parts of my scalp were thicker.
    So we went ahead he started his magic and after about 30/40 minutes he had finished my hairline, I looked in the mirror and it was a big shock to see a hairline that had disappeared a long time ago :L
    So 3 hours later my 1st treatment was done! The time flew, I knew this 1st treatment was only the base for the 2nd treatment and I didn’t expect too much, but I was pleasantly surprised when I looked in the mirror ☺
    My scalp was very very red and this helped create a bit of density, the redness is the scary part, but as I had done plenty of research I knew this was all part of the process.

    The journey home was a nightmare due to the M6 having two lanes closed so a 1hour journey took me nearly 4 hours! This worked in my favor as when I got home allot of the redness had gone!
    By the next morning the redness had completely gone and the “dots” were very prominent and in your face, luckily I had booked 5 days off work so I dint have to face anybody, as they would without a shadow of a doubt questioned the dots.

    So I had my second session on 19/11/13 in the morning. The usual happened I arrived and was greeted by Damon; we sat and discussed what the treatment would consist of. Damon noticed I had faded in certain places but reassured me that this was common.
    Damon decided he would be going a few shades darker on this treatment and he decided on 26 & 28.
    Treatment got underway and the pain was a lot less this time around, although I was expecting it to be worse.
    We stopped half way through and had a brew and just chatted about sh*t, so back on tot the chair and a few hours later I was done.

    I was so pleased with the result at the end of this session but was told by Damon I would definitely need a 3rd sitting to finalize the treatment.

    Any way I will stop rambling hope you enjoyed my post and my pictures of the final treatment ☺

    Below are the links to pictures:

    Before treatment

    After 1st session (same day)

    After 1st session (day after)

    After 1st session (6days after and shaved)

    During session 2

    After 2nd session (same day)

    After 2nd session (2 hours later)

    Before and after

    Thanks for reading 😀


    Hello CK,

    Here are a few more pictures Damon took, what a great transformation, I’m glad you like the results.



    Looks superb CK.


    Hey CK. Your results look fantastic. Really suits you 🙂

    Like you I had my 2nd treatment and am so happy. It’s way more than I expected.

    When are you in for your 3rd treatment. I’m back the week before Xmas.


    Hi Curly,
    Yeah I’m real happy with my results 🙂 I’m glad your treatments went well.

    Im also the week before Christmas, hopefully will have a nice head for NYE 🙂


    CK thats a brilliant write up and the results so far look really great.

    I think the hairline you have gone for is spot on and its really nice and uneven without being OTT.

    Have you told anybody or shown anybody yet? I am sure people will be positive.

    Excellent mate.


    Looks great louis


    Top drawer result so far there CK and still one to go.

    Welcome to the Skalp Skinhead Crew lol.


    Hi there, to all well had a consultation on Tuesday with Damon to check if I needed a touch up not as yet time has moved on and I have some pics to Post from start to finish . Something to share which has done my head in I’m sure others is just getting my head round light and reflection when out and about even though I know my look is great I have had my moments seeing a reelection in a mirror in the high street where light makes every thing look like fading when it’s not really strange experience got to say anyone else experience this . Nothing wrong with the treatment just lighting distorting what you see .wired or what . Hope you like the new pics louis


    Thanks for all your comments:

    Baldy01 – I have told a close friend, he loves it. He was very sceptical about the final product after seeing some disaster photos of other peoples treatments (not by Skalp).
    My sister today has said “What the hell is up with your hair? Why are you growing it again?” haha it is very dark at the minute once the scabs have come off it will fade lovely I also can’t wait to shave 2 days growth is horrific. :L

    Louis1 – Just checked out your diary thread, i love your treatment! Our hairlines are very similar.
    I suppose looking at your reflection and seeing fading is better than seeing pink skin :L

    DoctorMarten – Im now officially carrying the “crew cut” haha

    Thanks all


    CK did you own up to your sister that you had it done?


    Yer i told her it was a tattoo she didnt belive me until she looked closer and i shown her the before and after photos.

    She knew there was something different but would never of guessed it was SMP. 🙂


    Did she like it and think it looked good?


    Yer, she said it was weird to see me with a hairline again, but agrees that it looked very natural.


    🙂 That’s great to hear.

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