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    I wanted to take the time to write on the Skalp forum to give people my personal impression of the company & my experience with the treatment. It might help if you are at the stage of considering the SMP procedure.

    I first came across the procedure by accident in January 2015, they had it shown on the Channel 4 Bodyshockers programme. I booked for a consultation the following week at Harley Street.

    While I was waiting to be seen on the day of my consultation, I met a guy called Tony who was a Skalp customer that had the treatment done about 9 months prior, he had popped up to see them randomly while I was there. (Tony – thanks if you might be reading this). I had a lot of questions & he was kind enough to give me his number if I wanted to ask him anything further after my consultation.

    During the first consultation with Jason, I was there for about 45 minutes, there were also two other guys having the treatment done & they had no problem with me asking more questions & having a close up look at their treatment. Skalp also took a number of close up pictures of me with a view to sending me a photo shop mock up of what I would look like with the SMP treatment.

    The pictures came back the next day. It looked good, but I was concious it was just a mock up & needed more research before I was going to consider committing to a permanent treatment. I was reading up on all the forums that I could find,You Tube, Google images, The good & the bad reviews etc. I then wanted to go back & see Skalp again in Harley Street to discuss further, which I did about two weeks after the first consultation.

    What I personally wanted from the treatment, if I was going to do it, was that it would subtly frame my face, I was not interested in a very dark or dense treatment, as I’m a very white guy/light skinned & it would not look good on me. I had seen a number of treatments that I thought looked a bit like a ‘lego helmet’ & I did not want the treatment to look like that on me. I am 40+ & was bald with just a hair horseshoe. I lost my hair in my late teens, so I was used to being that way & was shaving my head with a bic razor every two days for the last 10 years. To me it was best to embrace & I had no issue with the fully razored/totally bald look.

    So to fast forward I went for the first consultation in Jan 15 & then researched & contemplated for 3 months until I finally made the decision to go forward with the procedure in April 15. Not before having a third but brief third consultation.

    The thing with me is that I was never looking for any hair loss/replenishment treatment & it never even entered my mind. As mentioned I was bald for so long & was used to it,so it had long since been forgotten about. I thought this was a very clever treatment & there is no way I would ever contemplate a wig or hair transplant. As you might already know with SMP you have to completely shave your head back & sides to make it blend with the treatment at the top, this gives the overall appearance of a closely cropped fully shaved head of hair. As I was already BIC shaving my head anyway, it made it easier in some respects as you need to keep up that same routine when you have the treatment done.

    The other thought that came to my mind was how I would react/what would I say when I was out for the first time & people saw/noticed the change as it might be embarrassing to admit. When I asked the guys at Skalp about this question they said no one usually notices. I found that quite hard to believe but I was having this done for me anyway, so I had pre decided that if people did notice then you have to be honest & tell them.

    I had the standard three treatments finishing up mid May. I had however felt it needed further improvement after those 3 sessions in terms of the density which you can only really judge properly after the treatment has fully settled down. What I want to say here is that Skalp never questioned this and agreed that improvements could be made to the initial treatments & I have been back since & the improvements were made promptly, without question of further additional payment or any hint of me being too discerning or fussy about the final result. To me that was important. That is why I’m writing this.

    A few months later & the treatment is completed to my satisfaction & I’m pleased I went for it, it has made my appearance better. Pain of the needle wasn’t really a factor in my decision making, for me its about a 2/10 on the scale. Your scalp is raw for the first 12-24 hours. Day 2 it goes right down to being slightly tender & by day 3 back to normal.

    Re the question of people noticing. To my surprise it has been largely true. Other than my parents, I decided I was not going to tell people unless they asked. One close friend did notice & I told him about the treatment, 5 minutes later forgotten about. To date no one else has or at least not said anything. I have come to the conclusion we build up how we look/what people will say in our own minds, people have got their own lives & after that it’s yesterdays news.

    When a company does a good job I think it is worth acknowledging. Jason & Ollie (who did my last few treatments) are experienced at what they do & are also genuinely good guys, who have also had the treatment themselves. They will know what suits you & what doesn’t & are always on the cautious side which is key. Nina/Chris in the office were also always quick to reply to my emails & book the treatments in as required.

    Whether or not the treatment is right for you no one can say other than you. I would say don’t be pushed into it by anyone & take your time to decide before you do it. If you are going to do it I would recommend Skalp based on my own personal experience.



    Happy, I’m the same as you. I’m sitting here after my second treatment totally delighted. Already , people that are close to me are amazed. It’s so subtle yet makes you look different at the same time. Skalp really have this down to a T!


    Thats a nice write up and welcome to the SKALP crew.

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