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    I have battled with hair loss for years, since a young lad. I looked into Hair Transplants, I used Regaine, I took tablets, I literally tried everything. I almost started to accept my bald head, in particular the horse shoe aka “monkeys arse” Thats not to say I liked it, in fact quite the opposite.

    I came across Skalp from an advert on Instagram, I looked and dismissed it to be honest, after reading all the negative posts about failed hair transplants I thought this was just another pipe dream. Photoshopping is easily done and I thought that it was another case of creative photography! Eventually, I checked the Skalp website out, there was a section where you could send a photo in and they would mock the treatment. I thought what the hell, if anything it would be good to see what I would look like with hair! I sent my photo and a few hours later the ‘future me’ was looking right at me. I loved the photo, but i didn’t think there was a cat in hells chance i could possibly look like that…. Again instant dismissal.

    You know when something keeps nagging in your mind?. I spent hours trawling through the websites, eventually I asked my fiancé and she said I should see for myself. With her approval I rang and booked an appointment for a Skalp consultation.

    I got off the tube at Oxford circus, phone in hand directing me to Harley Street. I wasn’t nervous, as to be honest I had low expectations. It must have been 15 minutes into the consultation when I said “I want to see someone with the treatment” I couldn’t believe it when he said “your talking to one!” I asked if I could stay and watch the first few minutes of a guys treatment I had met whilst in the waiting area. (Thank you to you whoever you were for letting me watch)

    Two things struck me. 1) How open Skalp were, I felt comfortable, I trusted them. 2) It looked incredible.

    I remember phoning up and paying my deposit and thinking “good god this is real!” My appointment was booked and I had 3 weeks to wait, which dragged like hell by the way! I had booked in with Jason, I saw Jason on the Channel 4 Documentary, so I felt super comfortable with him carrying it out.

    Fast forward to Tuesday 9th February 12.00pm I am sat in he chair, I can honestly say I wasn’t nervous, it was 1000% excitement. The hairline was designed and Jason began the procedure. I wouldn’t even say it was uncomfortable, its quite relaxing. Honestly after 4 hours it did get a little sore but by this time you pretty much have a hair line so your so happy you don’t really care. He could have used a fork by the 4th hour I was that happy!

    After my first session, I am absolutely over the moon, I genuinely can not believe how good it looks. I am constantly looking in the mirror to check its still there! Its like a dream!
    I went back into work the next day, I have worked with my team for over 10 years, we are friends outside of work too. Not one of them noticed! It was 2.30pm when I just couldn’t keep it in and told them. They were absolutely amazed, genuine shock.

    I am back in next Tuesday 16th for my 2nd treatment! I literally cant wait!

    This is not a post to convince you to get it done, its such a personal thing and you have to be comfortable in whatever you decide. This is just my journey up to and including the first session! I will update you after my 2nd and third.

    So far so so so good. Service first class & procedure looks incredible. Even my old man, who to be honest can be a miserable sod said “jesus christ it looks just like hair!!” That was good enough for me!

    ken miller

    I had my whole head done, and have been thrilled with the results as well.


    It fees we went through the exact same things regarding it all! My first session is booked n for the 4th March! Thanks for sharing up to now. Would you mind uploading some pics? I’m really interested to see how you are getting on. Thanks, Michael


    Couple of photos!


    1 / 2



    Bang tidy

    Nice one mate, you look completely different


    Amazing mate


    Very nice mate you must be over the moon

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