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    Hi All,
    My name is Rob and I have just had the first of the treatments yesterday at Manchester.
    I wanted to just share my experience and thoughts so far!
    I’ll start by telling you that I am 24 years old and my hair started to recede/thing at around 21. Since then I started shaving my hair slowly reducing from blade 3 to 2 to 1 to a half.

    After seeing Adam Ullah feature on the C4 program on TV, I knew I had to check it out!
    I have visited hair clinics before looking at other solutions, but all the options given to me were either celebrity-priced or are just plain ridiculous (no 20 odd year old wants to wear what is basically a wig glued on).

    I booked my consultation and headed down on the date I was given. I was greeted by Martin and he explained the whole treatment including Procedure, price and dates. Martin also took some images of me and later that week I received my “mock-up photos” which basically was a photo of me photo-shopped with hair (looks great!). The mock up photo gave me a real idea of what I was going to get for my money, and it was at this point I got overly excited.

    On the day of my first treatment I was really nervous. After all, it’s a big change in your life!
    I was advised to moisturise daily for as long as I could before the treatment as having soft skin really is the key to a straight forward, quick and painless experience. However, I had not done this efficiently enough and had a bit of dry skin on the top of the scalp. I was in the chair for around 3 hours and overall I thought it was uncomfortable but highly worth it.
    Today, unfortunately I got my calendar mixed up and didn’t book the correct time off work, so here I am in the office of 100+ people with lots of dots all over my head (it’s as awkward as it sounds). However, when I look in the mirror those dots are definitely the foundations of something that’s going to look a million pound. I have had a couple of people come speak to me about it (im very socialable at work so it wasn’t just nosey people). The general comments were very positive about my hairline and how natural it actually looks. I am delighted so far and cannot wait to get my next session done next Tuesday!!
    My two top tips:
    1- Moisturise 4-5 times a day as many days as possible before your treatment
    2- Book days off work if you work in a heavily populated workplace!!!

    Goss Boy

    Great to hear your story sounds like even after one treatment it looks good. I’m always interested to hear the stories of treatment at Manchester. I hope to be in your position very soon


    Congratulations. You’re on the way to becoming a member of the SKALP crew 🙂

    Ben Dover

    Sounds great. Would love to see some photos when you are finished.


    Nice to hear everything went well Robbo.


    How’s it looking, Robbo?

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