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    Defo having a scar on mine thanks for the idea 🙂


    Quality result so far. When’s your final treatment?


    PeterJones that’s a really nice treatment you have there so far. One of the nicest hairlines I have seen and the scar adds nicely to the uneven hairline. Look forward to seeing how this finally turns out when finished.


    My turn next week and hope I can get something similar.

    Benjamin Kramer

    Very nice job. Scar is wicked.

    Ben Dover

    I am 75% on my way to saving for the treatment and this is the type of treatment I would like to have. The scar is a brilliant idea and one I will ask for too. Look forward to seeing this when it is finished.


    Looks amazing. Very similar to what I went for but I didn’t have a scar put in. Wish I had now as looks very realistic.


    BenDover it’s well worth the money and fair play to you for saving. All the best.


    How are things now Peter Jones? I am in for a consultation this weekend and will be highlighting this treatment to something similar to what I would like.

    Benjamin Kramer

    Any update on how it looks now. Thanks.


    Would love to see an update, im in next week with Damon.



    Hi guys sorry for the delay as I’m not very good with the picture lark.

    Have decided in postponing my 3rd session as my treatment has held so well. It’s a little bit faded n a couple of areas but nothing that makes me feel awkward and I feel it looks great the way it is.

    Have attached a couple of pictures below showing how it looks nearly 2 months after the 2nd treatment. They are the ones at the top of the picture and the other two photos are straight after my 2nd treatment.

    My photos aren’t as HD as the clinic ones but hopefully they will give you and idea how well it is holding.

    Still absolutely loving the treatment and maybe in a couple of months I will roll up and have my final treatment.

    Reactions of people have died down a little as everybody is now so used to it. However the odd mate who I haven’t seen for a while still thinks it looks amazing. Have had nothing but positive feedback.


    Not seeing any pictures peter


    I have been using this app that Damon showed me to put photos together and I’m not the most computer savvy person. Just got my missus to do it and hopefully this will work. It shows a picture before. After 1st treatment. After 2nd treatment and then how it’s holding a couple of months later.

    I haven’t booked my 3rd treatment yet as it’s held so well. A few little areas have faded on the crown area but to me it makes it look more natural and I like it and so does the wife.

    Will update when head in for my 3rd treatment.


    Great to see the difference through each of your first 2 stages. It is holding up very well and Still one treatment to go to.

    Looks great and very natural.

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