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    Hey guys,

    I had my 1st treatment on 11th May and 2nd on 18th May both with Marcin at the Manchester clinic.

    The first treatment I was pretty nervous about having the treatment but as soon as I met Marcin and Dean I felt like I was in good hands.
    Marcin drew my hairline not too low so I can get a second opinion because I could always lower it on the next if i felt the need, then started on my scalp with the ink shade he suggested. There was pain because I just had 500mg of paracetmol 20 minutes before the treatment but it was manageable. The first look i took in the mirror i was amazed to see my hairline was back. I then started to love the needle pain as it was only doing me good. After the first prodecure that took around 4 hours I felt like a new person.
    I was given the aftercare info and i went back home. My wife was amazed and didn’t expect the results to be that good.

    My confidence was back. I didn’t wear a hat on the day of treatment but I did the following days. I was paranoid about my scalp being too oily and looked abit sweaty as i thought it could affect the treatment but the guys online told me its normal and its nothing to worry about.

    Before the 2nd treatment i had taken 1000mg of paracetmol 1 hour before the treatment and had a big breakfast.
    I wasn’t nervous this time. I asked Marcin to slightly lower my hairline and he drew it perfectly then started the treatment. The pain was way less and I felt relaxed..
    When i seen my new hairline and more density I was really pleased. The second treatment took about 4,5 hours because the crown of my scalp was bone dry.
    When the treatment was done I was over the moon and i looked awesome.

    I want to give a big thanks to Marcin and Dean. Deans work is also awesome from my experience, he has a great character and the guys are just legends.

    I will upload some photos soon so everyone knows what i mean.



    Wow m8 , that looks awesome 😀

    I just came to see Marcin and Dean today, for a little assessment.
    Marcin did my treatment 2 years ago.

    Nothing makes you look younger than hairline.






Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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