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    I had the most wonderful experience at Skalp UK (Harley Street), my practitioner Olly made me feel welcome and comfortable while he proceeded with the treatments. He was very informative from the start and assured me step by step that the look I want will happen, but can’t happen over the first and second session as you need to take time with the treatment to make sure it looked natural as possible. Further more the facilities were very professional and clean, With my situation I had lots of hair but my frontline was thinning and receding abit so he blended in my look with all the hair that I have. once I had my third session the look I exactly wanted was done and I can’t thank him enough. he also assured me if any problems or wanted a touch up just call to book myself in. Once again thanks to Olly and Jason for making me feel welcome and running a good business. (Trust me you won’t regret it).


    Looking good dogg !


    Nice treatment natedogg, Ollie is the man! I had my treatment with him almost 2 years ago now, still absolutely love it, the defined hairline suits you


    Looks great, I’m in a similar situation I’ve got a lot of hair but the front is receeding. Don’t mean to sound rude but how around much did your treatment cost? Also keep us updated with how the healing goes, looks great!


    Around how much*


    Ryanblake297, If you look on the bottom of this page

    It quotes:
    Treatment cost depends on the level of pigmentation required but as a guide 3 treatments for a Norwood scale level 3-4 pattern balding will cost around £2000 ($3,320 in USD) and full coverage of a completely bald head will cost £3000. ($4,985 in USD)


    Thank you Hairtoday, I have seen the prices that you have kindly presented, But i wanted to know what natedogg’s cost was.

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