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    Hello everyone.

    “If you want I can post pictures to better understand the situation.”

    I am French, I’m 30 and I’m NW5 / 5A. After years of seeing the evolution of solutions against hair loss, and after a hair transplant done in India in June 2014, I am now with you on this forum to explain my story.
    Below the different parts of my presentation.

    PART1: Start of my hair loss and depression
    PART 2: Hair Transplant in India 3500 grafts
    PART 3: My decision to see Skalp for SMP

    PART1: Start of my hair loss and depression

    I’m 30 and I started losing my hair in 22 years.
    Before losing my hair, I can not leave my house without fixing gel. I am a person who always took care of his appearance and especially my hair. I often receive compliments on my fashion hair cut.
    When I started losing my hair at 22 years, I worked hard to pay my hair transplant. At first, I cut my hair with clippers, but when I had to use the razor because you could see the difference on the sides, hell started.
    At 25 I was in total depression but I do not show it. I pretended to be happy. Whenever I met a girl she would say “why do not you let your hair grow” … Something I could not do because shaving with razor I was 10 again, but letting the hair grow, I ‘am 20 years older, and impossible for me to accept the image in the mirror.

    Part 2: Hair Transplant in India 3500 grafts

    Unable to accept my bald image in the mirror, I decided to contact several hair transplant surgeon. With a budget of 5000 euros, my choice is turned to a doctor in India. I traveled France – India, I was very happy, but it was the beginning of the nightmare.
    1 month after my surgery, I realized that I could never shave my head like I did before because I have many scars points at the back, and some thick black hair on top and on the front line.
    I had an operation to feel better but I am even more complexed than before. I dare not go out without my hat.
    I lost my job because I could not keep the cap and I refused to take it off, I was fired.
    I was living with a girl for 3 years but our story stopped there one week because I became another person. I became uncomfortable, I smoke a lot, and I do not want to see anyone and talk to anyone.
    Today, my biggest dream would be to shave my head and go out without my cap and nobody notices something strange on my head (hair transplant or micro pigmentation SMP).

    PART 3: My decision to see Jason Piris Skalp for SMP

    First I contacted HIS, but I have no answers. I was very disappointed with the customer service so I contacted other clinics.
    After several search on many forums, I realized that the clinic’s name was not important, the most important was the choice of the practitioner.
    If the SMP may be the solution for me, I think Jason is the person I should meet.
    I contacted SKALP and my appointment is scheduled in London on Saturday 10 January.


    To those who have made the SMP:

    1 / For you, SMP is a good tattoo, or actually undetectable treatment?
    2 / Your family noticed that it was a tattoo?
    3 / Are you afraid that someone notices that you have a tattoo on your head?
    4 / 1, 2, or 3 years later, the points remain points or get spots?
    5 / Have you noticed a discoloration of your treatment to blue or green?

    Thank you to all those who take the time to read and respond.
    Ask me if you want pictures.


    Welcome to Skalp Forum Steph.

    I certainly believe you have chosen the right company to go with. I have had the treatment nearly 18 months now and it has been the best thing I have done and I am extremely happy. I was treated by Damon but I can certainly say that Jason who I have met during my consultation process does great fantastic work.

    Cannot comment on Hair Transplants as never had one but I no there are examples on here of that somewhere.

    Good luck with your treatment and look forward to seeing how you get on.


    All the best with your treatment when is it?


    Thank you for your reply.

    I have to meet Jason on January 10 to see if my scalp is healed since my hair transplant operation in June 2014.
    Also, I would like to see the result of SMP on a head to see if it’s natural or not.


    Steph, I completely understand your situation. I started thinning and thought a transplant would solve my problems. The transplant only made my problem worse. I did very little research before hand and paid the price. I had FUE, so my donor is somewhat acceptable due to not having a strip. Before my transplant, I figured if I didn’t like it then I would just shave it. No scar? What was there to lose right? Little did I know, my so called doctor used an outdated procedure when placing the grafts. He did everything wrong from placement, direction, depth. You name it and it was wrong. I was not a candidate for this procedure and I was completely taken advantage of due to my denial and his greed. I have had numerous laser resurfacing procedures since that have helped me tremendously, but I am still left with these transplanted hairs mostly on my hairline which look ridiculous even when shaved. My option of just being bald is gone now. I had 1 session of smp in the US on my FUE only a few months ago which went well, but I would not let them touch my recipient area. I have been researching for the last 2 years or so for someone I could trust with my recipient. I have seen mixed results from several providers and I have found that Skalp is the only provider that I can trust. I’m from the U.S., so my time, cost and travel will be double, but money is no object for me at this point. I am in the process of obtaining my passport now and will be under the needle of Damon Ashcroft this year with the hope of getting my life back.


    I am exactly in this situation … Before I loved life.
    Now I stay all day at home. I do not see my family and friends because when I see them, they ask me why I keep the hat. Before I rarely was putting the cap.

    Today I think of my past and I am very afraid for ruining my life forever with my hair transplant.
    I regret every day my operation.

    To be honest, I ask myself a lot of questions about my desire to continue living or stop this nightmare.
    Sometimes I take my bike and want to do a crash. I often think about that but I do not have the courage to do so. For me it would be the solution, but if I made an accident my mother will be very sad, so I wait for her.
    I hope I have the courage to overcome this step before I do something stupid.

    Dear LA, the first to find the solution, tell the other 😉

    Chris L

    Hi Steph,

    I sympathise with your journey so far, be rest assured that you have now chosen the correct treatment for you. I started my treatment with SKALP a year ago, due to travelling I completed the 3rd and last treatment last month.

    From the very start of the process all the staff at SKALP treat you as their only customer, in that I mean you are made to feel very important. I had my initial consultation & treatment in Edinburgh with Jason and then concluded the treatment in London with Ollie. The attention to detail verging on OCD is splendid, both Jason & Ollie spent hours perfecting my scalp, getting it just the way I wanted it to look.

    With regards to your questions, It looks so natural that my own extended family have not noticed at all as they last saw me with hair, a few have asked why I don’t grow my hair instead of shaving it off. The biggest compliment to the treatment is that no one notices, I would say that it can be annoying because you almost want people to notice hahahaha.

    The colour match to your remaining natural hair is amazing, this can be altered to suit your own hair colour by the practitioner, the ink used does not go green or blue over time as it is a natural dye without any dodgy chemicals added. I’m covered in tattoos, sleeves etc as per current trend and have to say that the scalp pigmentation is exactly that it is not a tattoo and does not react in the same way as a tattoo.

    If you are in any doubt please ask the forum further or ask to visit the clinic when a client is having their final perfecting session, this is what happened when I was having my final session, two potential clients came in to the practice to ask some questions and view the treatment in progress. The two potential clients are now on their second session as they were so impressed.

    I fully endorse and recommend all the practitioners in SKALP, however from personal experience Jason & Ollie (AKA London Boys) are the best in the UK.

    Good Luck



    Hi Chris,

    A big thank you for your reply.
    To be honest, I’m going to see Jason in the clinic and I still hesitated to make the treatment or not.
    The fear that the tattoo is noticed was too great.
    After your reply I will finally confirm the treatment.
    I do not want to wear my cap after treatment, and I hope this will be the solution.


    Very interesting post…

    Steph… I truly hope you find your solace.. you have clearly had some very dark days and I hope this solution will finally put a smile on your face and end your nightmare, life is precious and I hope that after this you can live your life without a cap and have a positive outlook.

    Chris, interested on what you’ve said in your reply. .. ‘your family had not even noticed and they last saw you with hair’… touches on one particular reservation I have about the process which was further highlighted in a magazine article I read a while ago about this growing trend…. the look is of a shaved head, but obviously the touch has no stubble.. when your family or friends touched you head… assume some must of… did that not spark a reaction… the look and feel being at odds with each other? I might be looking at this the wrong way but is a niggle I have.

    I’m purely at the ‘consultation’ stage, at London recently.. I want to take the leap but still feels like such a big step… and a permanent one.. no going back. I have a reasonable amount of hair which is starting to thin and I shave to 0.5 on back and sides.. the complete shaved look is a natural progression for me with or without SMP and one in theory I like and have no problem doing or wearing now or further down the line… but… saying and doing are two very different things…. also, the fear that ‘someone doesn’t say anything’ can mean they’ve noticed and its not good…. just as mush as they’ve not detected anything…

    I know we as individuals focus on the thing we hate about ourselves… big nose, ears stick out… whatever… but others in the main aren’t as they see the whole image and are not focusing on that one thing we are..

    Appreciate your comments.

    Chris L

    Hi Maximus,

    Thank you for reading my post and keeping the advice going for others to read.
    As I have shaved my hair off “to the wood” the reaction of family and friends was “nothing”, I half expected comment after comment but nothing.

    Some friends that I have not seen for a few years have said “growing your hair a little now your not in the Army anymore” that’s always nice to hear and I usually just agree and say yeah. I appreciate your concerns regarding touch, however as I see the treatment it is supposed to look like a freshly shaven head with the shadow being caused by hair follicles under the surface of the skin, if I am correct then the process and effect is spot on.

    what I have started doing from the treatment is shaving my head on the top with and electric shaver and the back and sides with wet shaving, this for me gives me less of a shine on top due to the hair on top pocking just through the surface of skin, additionally if anyone wants to stroke my head they can feel the hair on top.

    I would recommend this treatment to anyone suffering the effects of baldness, the choice you have to make is “does it bother you” being bald, if the answer is yes then any improvement is a positive thing in my eyes. The SKALP treatment has knocked 10 years off me and I know this from meeting new people who are amazed that I’m actually 42 and not 32, I would put my age “look” prior to the treatment at 50.

    Happy to discuss this further or any other subject to do with SKALP, I work 40 mins from the SKALP practise in London and can always come along to chat through the process for those that want to see the finished article in the flesh.


    Hey Chris,

    Thanks for the feedback… consultations are great and serve a purpose but you can’t beat getting detailed feedback from people who’ve gone through it… so I appreciate the time on your response as someone who probably now has little interest in this… as you’ve done it, and in effect, moved on with your life… I can only imagine how that must feel… not to be constantly thinking about it, just being able to ‘move on’.

    Yes the leaving that slight stubble is a good idea.. thinking about it when shaving face with an electric razor always leaves slight roughness unless you continuously go over it…. Antonio, one the of the guys at London clinic does the same with his for the same reason I assume .. but also side and back… and the touch was more stubble like… it’s just that transition to a ‘freshly shaven’ look that bothers me slightly.

    Is it just a normal foil electric or one of those Wahl clipper things?

    Does losing my hair bother me? Yes. Can I live with it by just shaving head anyway? Probably.. but it will always be a niggle in my mind. Do I want to forget about always looking in the mirror and focusing on it all the time? Definitely.

    We are of a similar age, being a gym freak has kept me looking reasonably young… but this issue is only going one way… I often look at other guys with shaved heads and wonder ‘Have they?’.

    I would love to meet up with you for a coffee or something, its as much as listening to the post procedure confidence… as it is about seeing the finished article. I’m in Cambridge but could take a half day off work and travel down one afternoon to somewhere convenient.

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