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    Had my second treatment done at the Manchester clinic. Absolutely over the moon with the results.
    I must admit after the 1st session I was slightly underwhelmed because the density of the dots wasn’t quiet as dense and I could hardly see it but I had been warned the big results come after the second. But seeing it now after the second I must say I’m blown away by it, it really looks like hair follicles.
    Crazy how it makes you feel again, no need to hide away anymore.
    Listen the attention to detail is second to none, these guys really know what they are doing when it comes to SMP.
    To all those out there who want it done, GO FOR IT!! Seriously its worth every penny.
    I honestly feel whole again.
    I have yet to get my 3rd session but to be honest I love the way it looks right now!! 🙂

    Also thanks to the guys at the clinic for making a nice relaxed atmosphere!!! Thumbs up to SKALP



    Wow roll on the 22nd for my 1st session at Manchester!


    Best thing your ever going to do Gaz
    Trust me mate if its something that worries you this is life changing treatment.


    All I have heard is really good things about the treatment, thanks for your input. I’m counting down the days lol
    When are you in for your 3rd treatment?
    Do you have any before treatment pictures?


    Had my first treatment today at Manchester. Relaxed, professional and honest explanations all the way. It was absolutely fantastic and the attention to detail is brilliant. Such a perfectionist which is very pleasing. Everything was explained clearly and that the first treatment will be light at first of which suits me as I didn’t want to look too drastic a change after my first time. Really cannot wait until my second treatment next week. Wish I had done this years ago. Added pics. Before and after session 1. Very pleased I am.


    1st session looked good Tony, how did your 2nd session go?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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