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    Hi everyone,

    Just thought i would drop in and introduce my self and introduce my diary.

    A bit about me;

    2001- At the age of 27 had a hair transplant, rushed into it did no research and was left with unsatisfactory results and a bad scar on the back of my head.

    2001- 2005- lived with it!

    2005- shaved my head, liked it except for the scar, booked a “semi permanent” make up artist to put dots into my scar to cover (possibly one if the first ever procedures)
    it didn’t work – due to only 1 session, dots were too big and too light, it faded after approx six months)

    2005-2008- lived with it!

    2009- 2014- started researching the growing trend of “mht”, discussed with fellow scar
    sufferers and mht veterans, became a “armchair expert” into things like fraxel, derma rolling, camouflage etc

    February 2014- took the plunge and started treatment!!

    I decided on Skalp because I felt there was better customer care and that you could choose your practitioner, i initially consulted with Damien(who was great and treatment looked very good). I then was refered to Lisa because of her background in scar work and had my first treatment on Sunday, everything went well and i have my next treatment a week on thursday.
    Lisa took before and after photos, so i will put them all together at the end of the treatment and detail my journey that way.


    Can’t wait to see the pics mate, no more worrying about your scar, even if you did have to live with it for 13 years!


    How did you get on with your scar work? Do you have any pictures?


    Hi Peter, scar work is going great had two treatments and reckon the coverage is about 60-70% at the moment.
    lisa has been great, we decided to take it very slowly to make sure i wasn’t left with a dark line on the scar and i can see the process working, its really just perseverance until the ink holds.
    I have also been getting a very subtle amount of work done on my hairline to try and break up the implanted hairs, this is also going well. I could see me needing one or two more treatments and then that will be that.
    Im also experimenting on what length of hair may work best at the moment i 0 guard cut every few days and use a foil remming ton r27 on the hair line and scar.
    i am going to do a full write up once all the treatments are finished so ill get the photos up then


    Great news that is samui9. Look forward to seeing the pictures of how its progressing.


    Sorry to hear you had such a bad time of it with the HT! Must’ve been Hell, I’m sure SKALP will give you great results good luck !


    thanks adam

    treatment number 3 today with jason, instead of lisa
    quite a quick session, just working on the scar area and blending an inch or so either side
    hopefully i will see a good result after this session,Jason reckons it could be my last, just have to give it a month to see proper settling……
    The next thing is to really experiment as to what length i can get away with and what equipment i need to use
    ill keep updating and do a full diary when finished


    fourth session completed with Olly……all good, he worked the same as jason just in and around the scar, slightly darker this time due to fading previously.

    For anyone getting scar work done, its a difficult task, you have to work with many factors such as the length, size and colour of your scar and also how the edges of the scar appear.

    My scar is small 3 inch) not raised and healed well, but is quite white in colour and uneven at both ends with a distinct edge – where the hairs around the scar stick up rather than lie flat.
    Olly and i discussed it a lot today and felt that it was best to go darker and blend down, this approach however may work for my scar but not somebody else’s.
    ill keep every one updated as and when on progress


    Great to hear you are getting there.

    It shows that whatever the issue Skalp will look after you and sort out any problems.


    finished my fifth treatment on my scar a few weeks ago……..ill try and get some photos organised.

    my verdict at the moment, i would say i have 85% cover over the scar and I’m very happy,
    i have suffered a bit from fading, so I’m still being guarded with my reaction.
    but all in all I’m happy i have had this done.
    Next stage for me is some minor work at the hair line and temples, i wanted to be happy with the scar before proceeding with any more treatment because i still had the option of growing the hair over the scar if the the camouflage did not work, but it has, so looking forward to the next stage… taking a break then will book in about october.
    a big thanks to everyone at skalp especially Ollie who did most of the treatments here in Edinburgh,
    hopefully they will have their new clinic set up here before i start my next phase.
    Any one not sure or wanting to ask questions regarding smp and covering ht scars feel free to get in touch


    Hi all.
    Don’t really know where to begin but,just to say,I have been given great inspiration(and hope)from all you guys here on the forum so a BIG thank you for that for starters!
    Noticed it’s been a few weeks since you last posted samui9 so I’m hoping your “still around” as I would love to see any pics of you, hopefully,before and after your treatment and how feel about the finished results.

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