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    Absolutely amazing result .

    But I can’t decide what I like better: Marcin’s cheeky sense of humor or the results ?haha I guess they are kind of intertwined. :)This polish guy is such a great comedian and so professional at the same time, he must truly be one of those people that love their job, he’s also had his treatment done by Skalp.Could you imagine going to work everyday doing something you are truly connected and believe in because you went through it yourself…
    Skalp is different. Really different.

    Thanks again, really appreciate it.


    Ps: I enclosed a photo as evidence in my case. 😉



    Shane Oneil

    I agree SKALP are a different type of company and alongside the great treatment the guys who do it actually care.


    Hi everyone,

    I’d like to start with saying a big thank you to Marcin. What a fantastic guy, a perfectionist and a true professional.

    I’m a forty yr old nurse and not happy with my looks, especially in relation to baldness. You don”t truly realise how male baldness affects your confidence, especially in working and social environments.

    I was really nervous at the first treatment and really apprehensive of what I would look like. I kept asking if it was the right thing to do at the time. Thankfully Marcin was on hand to assure me and offer encouragement every step of the treatment.

    Marcin is one of those guys who tells you like it is. He’s a really honest person, sometimes to honest, but it helps you get the results you need and want.

    Marcin told me from the start I would not see the results until the second treatment. Honestly guys he was right. I was really down and insecure, but by the time I had and saw the results of my second treatment I can honestly say I’m a new man. Its really changed my life for the better, in the sense , I feel confident in my job and on a night out with friends and family. I no longer get the bald guy remarks when being referred to in a conversation and that makes a real difference let me tell you.

    I would recommend Marcin the skalp practitioner and the scalp treatment to any man living with male-pattern baldness. Marcin has helped to change my life for the better. its also good he has a really nice personality i.e. amusing, charming, communicative, easygoing, enthusiastic, helpful, honest, passionate, professional, sensitive and very thoughtful to your skalp experience needs.

    If your awaiting treatment from Marcin, I can personally guarantee you wont be dissatisfied with the results and treatment. On the other hand I can’t guarantee you will appreciate his taste in music ha ha!


    My first session with Marcin.
    Haha I actually have never felt as low, literally nearly fainted that day!


    You are a different situation to me as you have far more hair, but the difference it has given you is great. You look better for sure.

    I was bald on top but Skalp changed my life with this treatment and it looks like it has helped you too and would recommend them too.


    Couldn’t agree more. Five days after my second treatment with Marcin in Edinburgh and I’m walking about with no hat. In shopping centres with bright lights. This is totally undetectable. Additionally , my micro graft transplant linear scar has vanished.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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