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    Well in 24 hours I will be coming a fully fledged member of the Skalp Crew. I am excited and am looking forward to having the treatment done.

    Having followed the forum for the past few months and having seen the transformations and happiness this has bought people, I just can’t wait to feel the same.

    If anyone who has had the treatment in Manchester let me no of a good car park nearby as I will be driving. Thanks.


    Good luck for tomorrow, is Damon doing your treatment?
    If you check out my diary i found a cheap car park about 4min walk from the clinic 🙂

    My Diary


    Good luck Shed. You are in good hands and will look great.


    Good luck shed7, it will be the best decision you ever make, really does change your life, can’t wait to see the pics


    Up shaved and moisturised and ready for the big day.

    Thanks for all your messages and it really does feel like a community on here with all the honesty and support.

    CK. Thanks for the tip on the parking as will head there.

    Update you all how it goes.


    How did it go?


    Sorry have been ill today so haven’t had chance to write up.

    All went well and I’m very happy after the first session.

    I will update more in the next day or so.


    Sounds great Shed7. Look forward to hearing how it went. Hope you get better soon.


    Feeling a little better now. Got back from my appointment and just felt really off. Might have been the lack of sleep the night before and the long day travelling.

    Anyway everything went well. Arrived into Manchester and the clinic is in a place called Barton Arcade just off Deansgate. It’s a lovely location and the clinic itself is in a discreet corner on the first floor. Met Damon and he made me feel at ease straight away. Sorted out payment and spent the next few minutes going over what I wanted. Hairline was drawn on and the next 3 hours lots and lots of dots were put on my head and lots of football talk. Damon is a big Liverpool fan and I support Manchester Utd so you imagine there was plenty of banter.

    The result on the first treatment was good but after plenty of research I no that the next 2 treatments is where it’s at. I can already visualise how it’s going to look and I just cannot wait to have my 2nd treatment next week.

    Pictures to follow.


    Great news Shed and welcome to the gang.


    Glad it went well for you shed, i’m on the verge of booking my treatment myself, i’ve been researching and looking at pictures now for months, i need to just grow some balls and do it haha


    Shed7 Congrats! Welcome to the club!
    MarcusT What are you waiting for? lol


    MarcusT. If you have the money and baldness really bothers you then go for it. I may be only one treatment in and I no it’s going to look great. You can send in a picture of how you look now and these guys will do a mock up. It’s great to see how different and younger you look with a hairline.

    I was finally able to shave my head for the first time today and wash my scalp. I have also now moisturised which I have been told to do until my 2nd treatment on Wednesday. Really looking forward to this one as I no it will improve the look I now have. The dots seem to have held really well which is good so hoping that this will bode well in the future.


    Good luck 2morro mate!
    The second treatment is where the magic happens.
    When the wizard performs his magic you’ll be walking down deansgate 10 foot tall !
    Enjoy it.
    Can’t wait the photos!


    How did it go today Shed?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 54 total)
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