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    After a year I decided to go through with if.

    The last 15 years I been wearing a system which has been perfect but took to much time and restricted me from swimming or anything to do with sports mostly.

    Now I’m starting to have my doubts if I’m doing the right thing. Not even sure I have the perfect head for it

    Anyone else felt this way?

    Mr Marky

    Hi Tony, I think every person that’s ever had this done has had the same doubts as you, trust me as soon as you have got session 1 out the way even though it’s not the finished result it’s such a relief, these guys will look after you and you will be saying the same thing as every one else after, why didn’t I do this sooner

    Daniel A

    How did it go mate? do you feel set free from the system?


    Hey guys!

    It went very well! I’m not suppose to shave for 4 days and with
    My own hair growing looks good. My brother and mother were against it but today they were amazed how good it looked!

    My girlfriend was trying to talk me out of it now she loves it too.
    I guess everyone on this forum was right it’s the best choice made. No more system for me!

    I still have two more sessions to go and I’m sure it will get better.


    Same with me mate everyone I told were saying i don’t need it but when they saw the finished result they were amazed and said it looks great


    Hi Guys,

    I did my second session 5 days ago and tonight I took a shower and shaved and I noticed the pigments has faded. Is this normal for second session?
    Also my scars are still visible which he did say he will work on more for 3rd session. Would 3rd session solve the fading problem? I want a little dark but I need to sign a waiver.


    That’s pretty normal Tony, better to go too light than too dark, good thing about it they can always go darker and add more density on the next session, these guys are the pros so they will make sure you are 100% happy in the end, mine was still a bit too light after session 2 and was spot on after session 3


    I think the fact you were were a system wearer for 15 years might mean your skin is not in the best condition too, make sure you moisturise well so it’s in good shape for session 3, like Tony said they will make sure your happy

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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