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    Hey guys so I just finished my third session with Derek!! My first two sessions were done by some one else but they were not that great as it faded to fast and some mistakes were actually made. But Derek fixed me up on the last session and I am very glad that he came to new york as all the other clinics are too far for me. I hope they keep derek as I still have a touch up session coming up. he is one of the most professional and nicest person i have ever met. Once you walk in the room he wants you to feel comfortable and right away you can tell he knows what hes doing and where our hairline, sides and colour of pigmentation should look. seriously if you ae thinking about getting it i would advice to go with him as he is very good at doing his job. I am glad i got it done because it looks really good as long as you like a short buzz cut i think you should really look into this treatment and get it done because it is worth it. if you guys have questions let me know and ill try to get back soon.

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