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    Hi everyone, just heard about this thru a work colleague in the last couple of days. I live in Darlington so my location would be Manchester.
    I have done quite a lot of research over the last couple of days, and although I thought I might be a lost cause I think this could be a solution for me.
    I suppose I am at the point where I am u’ming and r’ing about the consultation, as I live a fair distance away so it would be a days process there and back.
    I am 41 so I don’t want to mess about too long, and I have been losing my hair since my early 20’s.
    One question I do have, at the moment when I go to the barbers I get a number 2 all over, before the consultation should I get a 0 all over so to gain a better understanding of what it would look like at the procedure?


    Welcome Pierremonyquaker, Even though it will be a day process I would definitely recommend going for a consultation, apart from being able to get answers to all of your questions you also get to see the treatment in person which answers a lot of questions straight of the bat, I believe there is 2 practitioners at the manchester clinic and they both have had the treatment themselves.
    As for shaving your head for the consultation I don’t think it makes much of a difference they will be able to see what areas need treatment regardless if it’s a number 2 or 0, also ask for a virtual picture they do, can I’ve you a good idea of how it can look on you.
    Trust me your in good hands with these guys they know there stuff, sure once you have had a consultation you will get it done, who doesn’t want a hairline lol


    Yeah I agree definitely worth going for a consultation and it doesn’t matter how long your hair is when you go as long as they can see the bald areas


    Hi I’m 43yrs and also from Co. Durham and had travelled to Manchester for my consultation in March and followed up with my 1st 2 treatments in July. I’m travelling back down there next week for my 3rd treatment and can only say it was worth every 3hr car journey (18hrs so far).
    I used to shave my head with a Grade 1 and after the consultation I was sold and returned home and shaved it with a Grade 0.
    This meant people got used to the gradual change of me experimenting with the look so when I eventually had SMP last month they were non the wiser!!!
    Don’t delay, book a consult with Dean in Manchester (Dean looked after me); trust me, you won’t look back.


    Cheers everyone, thanks for the support – consultation is booked for next month 🙂


    Great news that you’ve booked your consult. If you want to see the treatment first hand, happy to meet in Durham for a coffee ☕️


    Pierre this treatment is a game changer, I truly wish I hadn’t thought about it for so long and did it earlier, you won’t regret it


    Hi, this me the original poster of this thread (Pierremontquaker), I have been locked out of my account so had to create a new account as I had a few urgent comments / questions.
    Got the quote, it was a gulp moment, but I am a norwood 7 – and I guess they have have different prices for the different stages of hair loss. I got the before and after pick and I got a shock, as I am not used to seeing me with hair – my wife (although she says its up to me) I think was pleasantly surprised.
    A question I have is about the pain killers, I was advised to get Tramadol. How do I go about getting this, I take it I have to get it thru my GP? A second question I have is I believe there are three of them there now in Manchester – in previous threads people have said there were two (Dean and Marcin) – but I was told that basically when you make your appointments, you get who is available on the day – is that everyones understanding? I would want the same person start to finish – I presume this is the best way!
    A final question, is how long does SMP last – I dont mind if it needs a top up every few years – but just wondering how regular?


    I had three sessions and did not once think that I needed painkillers but if you do have a really low pain threshold you should not be discussing this with anyone other than your GP.
    There are only to practitioners in Manchester Dean and Marcin. I had my consult with Dean and Dean was my practitioner throughout the three sessions that followed. After I had chosen to go with Dean (post consult) Dean looked after me thereafter.
    To answer your final question, SMP will last you forever and will not need to be ‘topped up’.
    Do your research (and plenty of it), know the facts, what your getting into, and make your own mind up; don’t let others do it for you. Its your head and you know more than anyone else what you should do with it in the end.
    I wouldn’t go anywhere else other than SKALP Manchester; I’ve seen the rest and chose the best in the business ☺


    Like everyone says go for it you won’t regret it!



    1. Ibuprofen (anti inflammatoryso will definitily help with redness)

    2. You will have the same artist from start to finish.

    3. SMP is permanent. However you will likely want top ups along the way but only every 5 years or so -if that. That’s a personal preference though so see how u get on 🙂


    I have seen some ‘top ups’ of late and because of the ‘packing out’(additional dots in between the original SMP dots), this has actually spoiled their original SMP treatment, leaving their heads ‘bluish’ in colour, and as if it has been covered with a paint roller.
    What do other people think ? of this…?


    Chimp_74 where have you seen these top-ups? I think some people can get carried away with this treatment and ask for more and more sessions because they think if you add more dots it will look like they have more hair, the aim is to look natural as if you have just shaved your head, for this reason I will only ever have a touch-up when I actually need one, if you horseshoe is showing for example, you do see treatments from other clinics that have gone way too far, that’s why i went to skalp as they looked by far the most natural


    I think it’s best to listen to the guys at skalp as they know what there doing and if they advise not to add more for the sake of it then don’t, they must of seen 1000’s of clients that have asked for things that wouldn’t look natural, like dave said only have more if you need it


    Hi Dave 1981
    I’ve seen photos of people who’ve had 3 sessions of SMP treatment and their results have been fantastic. I’ve also seen pics of the same people who’ve had further treatment and their dots packed out which has in my opinion resulted in their SMP looking ‘bluish’ and drawn on as if their head has been coloured in or painted on. Or perhaps that is maybe what they were hoping for.

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