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    Long read so apologies to everyone………….Visited Skalp way back in May this year after coming across them on the Internet. I have been wearing a Wig for nearly 12 years and had never been 100% happy with it. Those who no about them realise its a daily hassle with glues, wipes, washing it and also the hygiene issues. However at the time it was the best solution. Being from a town called Wigan, you can imagine the stick I have taken from those who have known and those who have guessed. Its just not a place name you need to live in whilst wearing a wig.

    Anyway, I went for a consultation and met Lewis who had the treatment. He was a real nice guy and we sat drinking coffee and chatting about what I was looking for. I was impressed by the sensitive nature of the consultation and also the lack of pushiness to go for it.

    Moving forward, I wanted to get the treatment done in late Summer due to the fact It was the time to renew the wigs. Lewis booked me in for August in Manchester and i then had to think of how I was going to explain this massive transformation…..well it was in my eyes.

    I followed the website and the forum and was glad to see there were many happy people, it made me feel at ease and less nervous as the treatment date approached. As instructed I removed my wig a few days before so I could moisturise my head as wearing the wig had left it in very poor condition.

    Got to Manchester about an hour before treatment and had a nice breakfast and juice in a lovely little cafe just inside Barton Arcade. Its a lovely building which I had walked through many times, never did I think I’d be getting my head tattooed there. Arrived at the clinic about 15 minutes early and was met by Damon who is the Practitioner there. Another nice guy who made me feel welcome as did Lewis at my consultation.


    The treatment itself is 3 sessions over the space of about a month. The 1st session Damon shaved off my remaining hair, and I will admit I felt quite vulnerable as i’d never seen myself so Bald before. My skin looked pale and marked and it was a sorry sight. Damon promised me that in a few weeks time I would feel great. We discussed hairlines and when one was decided it was drawn on my head as a template for treatment. I was told not too expect a great deal from the 1st treatment as it was a base treatment to create a new hairline and add some density. During the treatment I did feel some pain, but as others have mentioned it was never enough to be a problem, more an irritation. Worst areas were on the temples and the sides. At the end of this treatment which lasted around 3 hours I saw a new hairline and a very dark red head in front of me. It wasn’t great viewing but I could see through this and knew I had made the correct decision.

    The week that followed was an up and down experience as due to my skin not being great, it became dry and flaky which caused some fading. I was advised this would happen and not to worry, just moisturise the head a prepare for the next treatment.

    The 2nd treatment I was really looking forward too. I had seen examples of how this would really bring home how it will look and it did just that. The fading areas were sorted and Damon added a lot more density. The session this time was closer to 4 hours. On looking at myself in the mirror a big smile came to my face as even though dark and sore it just looked like hair. I was so so happy. I drove home and must have nearly crashed about 5 times as couldn’t stop staring.

    The 3rd treatment was booked in for 4 weeks later. During this period I had to go back to work and get on with normal life. Naturally I was very nervous even though my Wife and family said it looked great. On arrival at work there were a few raised eyebrows due to now having a shaved head rather than a wig. Yes I had a couple of the guys give me a ribbing, but everybody was positive and those I had told said it looked really good and natural. There was a little fading in a few areas between the 2nd and 3rd session but again I was told this was likely due to the nature of my skin. I just carried on moisturising and it really helped as the skin became better.

    When the 3rd treatment arrived I was looking forward to finishing my journey and have the final look I was after. On arrival there was another Practitioner there called Ollie who was treating a guy from Preston, he was also on his 3rd treatment which looked brilliant. It was a really nice atmosphere and I never thought id be in a room with 4 guys with shaved heads listening to 80’s music….it was surreal. Ollie blamed Damon for the music which on meeting them I think he was right 🙂 This treatment flew by even though it also took around 2.5 hours. More blending was done into my sides and the areas that had faded were treated. Again at the end, the smile returned and it was the best I had seen it look.

    Its been a couple of months now since my treatment finished and its been the best decision I have ever made. My family and friends were very skeptical when I decided to go ahead with it, but they are so happy for me and it really has changed my life. I no longer worry about people staring at me and my wig, i don’t have to worry about the daily hassle of doing my hair or worrying which way the wind is blowing….its just great. All i do now is shave my head with my Braun shaver which takes 5 minutes a day and done.

    The feedback I have had since has been nothing but positive. Everybody says I look healthier and even though Im probably not, I am certainly happier.

    I want to say a big thanks to Skalp as a whole. Lewis for the sensitive and informative Consultation, Damon for giving me an amazing treatment, Nina for all her help on the phone and also to Ollie for being supportive during my final treatment. I’d say to anyone if you want an natural and easy solution for hair loss then do this as it looks great. I will post some photo’s later today to show the progress.

    No more Wig in Wigan…..


    Before & After Pictures.

    The pictures to me look great, but still do not do the treatment service as it looks far better in real life. They are taken at the clinic with my Samsung S3 so only mobile phone quality. The first pictures are before the 1st treatment and the 2nd pictures are 2 months after my 3rd treatment as went in for a check up. Everything so far still looks spot on. I have a one year Guarantee with the treatment so if I do require another session if there is any fading I am covered. I have been told I may require a further one due to the bad damage to my skin and condition of skin during the treatment but I will pop into the clinic every couple of months to see what they say.

    Anyway below are my pictures. Let me no what you think. Thanks


    Hi RugNoMore, thats looking great, you must be really happy with the results mate.


    Yeah i agree Dave, really nice, that’s the look i’m going to go for but probably about 10 shades lighter as my hair is quite a bit lighter, almost blonde, i’ll leave it to the practitioner though, they obviously know what there doing, i’m planning on booking in for early january as i can;t get time of work till then.

    Results like this put my mind at ease that i will get the result i want, Congrats Rugs


    Great read RugsNoMore. I’m in Manchester this week, so this is excellent to read. It looks fantastic and it all be blends really well. Nice to actually see a treatment a few months down the line. Hope mine is as good as yours.


    That looks great that does. Your head looked really sore in the before pictures. Is that the damage wigs do? After pictures look amazing. Thanks for sharing.


    Rugnomore@What a big different!!! I had my third treatment done about 9 days ago. I am just about to send some pics to Damon. I think my look very good.


    Thanks for the nice feedback.

    …..Yes wigs do damage the head and my skin was in awful condition before having this treatment. To be honest thats why I am so over the moon with the results as I thought my skin would cause problems. Even though I was told the first 2 sessions the skin was bad, because of having a few weeks break and being allowed to moisturise it helped the skin get better.


    I thought of actually going for a wig but heard similar stories of the hassles of it all. This is a much better solution in my opinion.


    A mate of mine has worn a Wig for years. It actually looks not too bad some of the time, but other times you can tell.


    By the way RugNoMore. You look brilliant 🙂


    RugNoMore you look outstanding you really do. The difference is there to see and you must be very happy. As for getting rid of your Wig that was a must. I no they are a lot better than they used to be, but you can still tell when somebody is wearing one.

    Ben Dover

    I had been looking into getting a wig until I came across this treatment but even though I think they can look very good, the feedback from people who have worn and wear them has been very mixed. Do you have any pictures of how the wig looked on you? Treatment looks good on you. Nice to see one that has settled.


    looking great lad!
    enjoy the new you !

    Ben Dover

    Could never wear a wig myself. Everyone that I have seen you can tell its a wig.

    Have you got pictures of you wearing a wig?

    This treatment suits you and you look much better.

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