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    this time a week tomorrow (wed) ill be off to manchester for session 1
    i know I’ve posted a few reservations on here regarding shaving etc. but I’m doing it everyday now just to get used to it
    i have a question about this. do you keep going till the scalp feels like a babes backside or do you use a bit less pressure and leave it like fine sandpaper, the latter is difficult, with it having no cutting guard,
    I’m just using the r91 for now, so far its ok. but as it has no guard like the hair clippers its difficult to get it even unless you go right down to the skin and then whats left is almost invisible ,
    is there any shavers that can keep evenness all over and are adjustable ,
    also since I’m going right down the lower part of my head is looking creased., its not nice,
    this image in skalp brochure is what id imagine having done . the guy is a lot younger than me but this looks awesome
    also is there anything i should be doing now till i go
    I’ve been shaving everyday and using moisturiser , well its one thats ok for psoriasis , i need to keep it at bay now or i can’t be done
    is there any moisturiser that you guys recommend.
    any other tips would be appreciated


    what i meant to say in above is the lower part of head/neck has crease lines , but don’t look bad with a bit of stubble over it
    but not when down to the bone


    I used Nivea aftersun as moisturiser as was advised. Also it’s maybe best to use your R91 and maybe shave really close the night before going anywhere.

    Looking at your previous pictures I certainly wouldn’t go as dark as that fella. He is far younger and I think you need to go for something softer and more age related. Please don’t take that the wrong way but it’s goto look natural.

    Good luck and on your treatment.


    I tried both wet shave and electric shaver til smooth, but wet shave was better. I wash the skalp with aqueus cream and use it instead of a shaving foam etc. The result is great and keeps the skalp moisturised and in good condition and repeat at 3 day intervals.

    But must say I wish I had had this done years ago.


    I use an Phillips electric shaver as I don’t like wet shaving. I find wet shaving leaves me with a shiny head. I moisturise on a daily basis with Asda Young Skin Matte Moisturiser and when going out I use Loreal Pure and Matte. When having the treatment I used E45.

    Agree with JR25 keep it natural. Less is more.


    Thanks guys
    Isn’t that loreal matte a blue gel
    Sure I’ve used that on my face in the past


    I bought a Remington R91. It’s very cheap but does the trick. It’s gets it pretty low. I moisturise using a Vaseline moisturiser to get my head in good condition.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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