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    As my previous post
    Had consultation with Damon on Tuesday and am booked in for session 1 on 26th Manchester
    For a while I’ve been clipping down with no guard to what I thought was short, although it didn’t matter as it was under my hat.
    Damon said it would need to be even shorter
    Last night I was buying a remmington in asda around £50 when I spotted the r 91 that everyone mentions,
    So decided to give it a try, £15 not z log of money
    Anyway I was quite surprised at how well it performed ,
    But my god it’s short
    My sides now look non existent and what bit I had on top is well gone , although it feels like sand paper
    Taking off my hat feels like it’s stuck to Velcro
    Bloody cold on pillow as well
    Looking at how short it is u don’t think I’ll need to shave for a month
    Anyone else felt like this before having it done , then thought it was better than they expected


    Yes shaving shorter does take a bit of getting used too and without the treatment I hated the look. Once you get a hairline and you have got used to it for a few weeks it’s just a great feeling.

    Shaving your head so short is a big step but it’s something you have to do.

    I haven’t seen what your hair is like now, but anyone who’s balding always looks better and cleaner when head is shaved.


    Markyb you sound similar to me when I first shaved down. It was a shock and when you haven’t had the treatment it doesn’t look or feel great. When you finish the treatment and you have all the bald area filled in and you have a new hairline it makes a big difference.


    I’m sure you are both right
    But at this moment it’s hard to picture it
    I’m very dark at the sides and back
    But unlike a lot of dark haired people my shaved down head is lighter rather than dark
    I’m sure in a couple of months I’ll be wondering what I was bothered about


    I am actually quite dark also but when I shave down my hair is lighter. That’s what a shaved head looks like in real life unless you let it grow slightly which we can’t do. I would love to keep my hair a little longer but I no that I can’t. It’s basically a choice of remaining bald or having a shaved head albeit a bit lighter with a hairline and to me there was no choice really. I love mine and looking forward to my final session.


    Had my first treatment today in edinburgh with Damon, i shaved my head with standard clippers last night for the first time ever and got a bit of a shock the way i looked. He told me the same that i would eventually have to go shorter. Very pleased with my first session though, i know i’m gonna love this.


    First treatment.


    @Markyb – it is a shock when you first shave but for me it was liberating. Added that now with a hairline and the look of hair it’s the best. Until you have your treatment you won’t understand.

    @Jocky – Well done on embracing your new look. Your 1st treatment looks great and all I can say to you it will only get better. I’d start your own diary thread and title with this on.


    I know you are all right what you are saying
    I just kind see the bigger picture yet
    12 days till first session
    I’m going to have to try and stop worrying or my psoriasis mag flare up again in my scalp and if this happens I can’t get it done till it clears
    I’m sure in a few months time I’ll he in here giving same advice to people like you are giving to me
    Thanks guys


    Shaving your head is a massive part of this treatment Markyb. If your not prepared to do it then this isnt going to be for you. Like the others have said on here, once you do and then you have the treatment its great and you forget about being bald. Embrace it and be positive 🙂

    Great picture Jocky from your 1st treatment. Looks very natural. You seem to have the right attitude for the treatment.


    Well i’ve spent a lot of time looking at myself in the mirror since yesterday and still feel odd looking at a shaved head, but i’m sure it will grow on me. The way i look at is, i’m loosing my hair and would end up shaving my head anyway so this is a no brainer, looks far better than just a bald head.


    Spot on Jocky. By the way a bit of advice especially during the first week after the first treatment……..stop looking in the mirror. After the final treatment you can look in the mirror as many times as you like as that’s when it’s finished and will look amazing.


    Can’t help it, i stop and look everytime i pass one lol. It’s ok though i know it will keep getting better, roll on next friday. 🙂


    Hi marky,

    I had the treatment done in october/november and like you i used to use a clipper to shave my head (buzz cut)
    I also wanted to be able to match the SMP to this but after research, it is basically going to look unrealistic because the SMP isn’t 3D like your hair.

    After trying the R91 i loved it, but thought it was to short and made me look bald all over.

    Well now i wet shave on an evening and by the time morning has come there is some growth, which is probably R91 length and lasts me through the day (2days at a push)

    Once you have the treatment and have slight growth your shaved hair area will appear darker. You do have to play around with the timings off the shave but you will soon realise what looks best for you.

    I rarely find myself coming on here after my treatment, in comparison to being on it all day once i was thinking about it. Damon knows his stuff and wont fill your head full off Cr@p.

    Hope all goes well if you go ahead.



    Thanks everyone
    Wouldn’t wet shave go totally bald
    It’s strange if I use the r 91 on scalp it’s close but still feels like sandpaper where there is hair
    But today I used it on face as well and it was practically smooth , strange why doesn’t scalp go do close
    Is there a face shaver that uses guards like clippers do
    That way you could set it to whatever length suits
    I’ll post dome pics in a bit
    Some after using r91 and some after 2 days growth having used r 91
    I’m still going ahead on the 26th
    It’s got yo look better once top is filled in

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