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    Hi Guys,
    I live in the US and been researching this hair follice tattoo for a year. First I found artistry concept which is in the US but their site seemed to be very cheap and decided after awhile to look further. I found HIS and browsed their forum for a while and asked questions and decided to go to their NYC consultation and see one of their practitioner who had the procedure. I asked him questions and also I have 4 scars from mid 90s when I did hair transplant which was a disaster. I asked him about the scars if it would cover it well and he didn’t even look at the scars or feel them and just said it will look good.. And when I looked at his procedure close up I could see his tattoo had faded and you could tell the difference but only if you stood close up. I also sense he was pulling back his head when I looked at his head, like he was embarrassed. But what got me is when he was walking me out, I asked him another question but he was already eyeing another client that was coming in and he just wanted to get me out as soon as he could. To me that was not professional. I still considered going with them since I have been wearing a hair system for years and it gets tiring and time consuming taking it off once a week and cleaning it and putting it back on and your are limited. I can’t go swimming and during summer I feel I just want to be free from this hair system. It does look very good though, i told a few of my friends and they were shocked but I think it is time to look for something else where I can do any activity without the limitation. Anyways, I found skalp but luck on youtube and I did more research and found their forum, so after 2 weeks I finally decided to sign up and introduce myself. I’m still on th fence if I should do this or not.

    My only concern is my scars in the back of my head, can it be covered up where it is not obvious? I also like to see someone who had done this, I can go to NYC and visit skalp office if I have too. I also have attached a pic of my head after 3 days not shaving, it is mostly the hair transplant hair


    Mate get off the fence, I was like you and sat on the fence for ages, even after session 1 you say to yourself why the hell did I wait so long, trust me you will say the same, I can guarantee you will look and feel so much better about yourself, I don’t have any scars but i’m sure they can disguise them enough for you to forget about them


    Just taken the leap and booked my treatments dates in the New York office for November, I’ve got 2 strip scars that i’ve had for 7 years, finally got sick of trying to hide them, I’m going for it, feel nervous but very confident that Graig can give me the result I want after reading about his experience and see the results he produces, I’ll post my results when it’s done Farsh


    Thanks guys!

    Harvey definitely post your results. I’m going to make an appointment and go in to see their work.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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