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    It’s coming up to twelve months since I started my treatment in Manchester so I booked a consultation just to assess how the treatment had settled. Actually being back in the clinic was a reminder of how much things have changed for me in that time. One year ago I was nervous, dubious about the potential results and utterly fed up with watching my hairline disappear. I remember wearing a hat to go into the clinic, skulking up the stairs like some sort of Interpol fugitive. Fast forward a year and I couldn’t be feeling any better about it. Obviously it won’t pay your bills, buy you nice holidays and a better car, but the difference that having your face back after watching the hairline that used to frame it disappear, does wonders for your confidence and self image. The best thing that I can say about it, is that I hardly think about it anymore, whereas before I found myself morbidly looking at the back of my head with the shaving mirror in hand. The results are great, and again, the best thing I can say about it is that nobody notices, which is precisely the result you want. After all, you don’t want people constantly staring at your head when they’re talking to you! My best mate hasn’t even noticed, other than to ask me why I don’t let my hair grow, given that it was so thick! He said this while complaining about his own receding hair… I might tell him at some point.
    So a big thanks to Skalp, particularly to Marcin and Dean at Manchester. I really appreciate the time and advice and recommend them highly. Thanks guys!


    True this treatment is million times better than a new car or holiday mate, it’s priceless for how it makes you feel after getting your hairline back after years

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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