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    Here’s an honest review of my journey with Gerry at Skalp, Dublin after a year of my treatment.

    I started with a video consultation to get a quote and still had my fair share of questions. I researched about smp in general, not just what Skalp offered. The combination of my research with the video consultation gave me the confidence to book an appointment with Skalp. I wouldn’t have done it based on the video call only.

    The first session was mostly around building comfort, shaving off my head for the first time, finding the contours of my hairline. The first session was also full of anxiety for me because I was wondering what it would be like to have the needle poke my scalp hundreds to thousands of time. Gerry was very accommodating and patient, she kept redrawing and readjusting my hairline, and she gave me enough breaks since it was my first time. I walked out of there not very excited and even questioning what I was getting myself into. However, I had seen enough evidence online to know that this was a phase. We had started a bit high on the hairline and it was tough for me to do video conferencing with colleagues with this new look.

    The second session made my hairline a whole lot better. Gerry gave it more definition and pulled it down to where I felt comfortable. By now, I had spent at least 3-4 hours interacting with Gerry from my first consultation, so I let her take a call because she truly is an experienced artist. The second session was more intense because we covered more areas to fill density, it stung a bit more, but I also was used to it. I walked out of the clinic feeling much more confident. There was no pain at all, just some visible redness that went away the next day. I was starting to appreciate the time I gained by not having to style my hair or dry it after the shower. For the first time in about 10-12 weeks of getting into this journey, I was feeling like I made the right decision.

    The third session was magical. We built in a lot more density, made my hairline sharper, and covered areas that were faint. I couldn’t wait enough to look at myself in the mirror and in my mind I was an impatient child. Gerry kept comforting me through the session and building my confidence. And well, the session ended as expected. I had the look I was yearning for and my confidence was back, all thanks to Gerry’s impeccable skill and interpersonal skills.

    Yesterday, I went in after one year to do a final touch up, not that I needed it, but just that I was obsessed for perfection since I was getting SMP at a relatively younger age. I was anyway sporting the bald look before the fourth session. Nobody could tell I had the SMP done, including people who were sitting at an arm’s length away. After the fourth session though, I started to receive compliments on my look, not just an acknowledgement of me shaving my head. I don’t know if it is because people have just become used to seeing me this way and my new picture just gave them a reason to say something, or it was the touch up that truly completed the transformation. All I feel today is a whole lot of gratitude.

    If you are willing to be patient for at least the first three sessions over 3 months, you can be sure you’ll have a major change in your overall confidence and time management. Trust Gerry, and forget about the rest, you won’t complain. Just FYI, I am writing this out of my gratitude, not because anyone has paid me to do so.

    Good luck fellas!

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