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    It has been 5 days since my 2nd treatment, and I am unhappy with how it is panning out. It’s just not looking good at all.

    Is this normal?


    What is it you don’t like?


    It’s patchy, uneven, the sides are different, a big bit of my hairline is in danger of disappearing and the blending leaves a lot to be desired at the moment. I’ve uploaded a side view. You can see a dark strip down the side of my head! I know I have at least one more session but my confidence is evaporating.


    I wouldn’t worry at the moment Baldeagle, you’re only 5 days out from your 2nd session, have you even washed it yet? the first pic looks like you have some kind of scabbing, not patchy treatment, how was your skin condition before treatment?


    I have washed it with water only. Skin was a bit dry but the ink went in well. I can assure you it’s patchy. I just hope they can sort it out in session 3.


    If that’s not patchy I don’t know what is. Even the pigment colour looks wrong. I have no choice but to wait 9 days for session 3, but I was hoping to have a virtually finished look by now.


    I’m sure they will make you happy in the end, they always do, everyones skin takes the pigment differently, it definitely looks like those dark patches are just flakes of skin that are going to come off, i would give it a wash with shower gel and warm water, you’ll be fine as its been 5 days


    It does look very patchy and I can understand you being worried. However it does look like very dry skin.
    My treatment went slightly patchy after treatment 2 so I moisturised it loads and my skin was much better and my treatment in the end looked great.


    Who did your treatment? Have you spoken to them?


    Hello BaldEagle,

    We understand your concerns, all of your worries can be easily rectified on your 3rd session.

    I have spoke to your practitioner and he did say you did have quite dry skin which can sometimes lead to patchiness, It may need a 4th session to perfect it, but don’t worry you will be very happy by the end of your treatment.

    It is still very soon after your last session and it needs time to settle, I would advise that you moisturise your head well before your 3rd to get it in the best possible condition.

    Kind Regards


    There you go!!! Hope the update makes you feel better. All the best


    hi baldeagle
    welcome to the skalp forum.
    i know things may seem bad for you at the moment , but skalp will sort it out, thats guaranteed.
    i had my first treatment almost 12 months ago,
    i had very bad skin due to psoriasis , a combination of shaving scalp everyday and moisturising sorted me out and I’ve now got a psoriasis free scalp .
    do you suffer a skin condition ?
    if so you may need to choose carefully what products you use on scalp.
    i use mostly coconut oil, its a bit greasy but its free from any additives so is great for very dry skin conditions.
    keep moisturising your scalp and make sure its in tip top condition for session 3
    i think for you its the new job thats worrying you . as scalp mentioned you may need a 4th to sort you out.
    I’ve had 4 and a bit treatments but its great now.
    i know you feel down now, but in a few weeks you will look back at this post and see everyone was right in saying that it will get sorted.
    don’t worry you will get there
    just remember
    moisturise , moisturise , moisturise
    keep us all updated on how it goes


    I really appreciate all of the positive comments, and it has indeed made me feel better, so thank you all for that.

    I can’t lie and say my confidence hasn’t been eroded somewhat, because it has. But I still believe Skalp can sort it out.

    I would just like to add that Skalp do have a great rep, it’s just that maybe I will be a more challenging case to get right.

    And yes, I think it is the new job that’s concerning me a bit. Hopefully session 3 will allow me to get on with things a bit more.


    i bled loads during all sessions . and had quite a bit of fading,
    but they never gave up on me .
    skalp are true perfectionists and won’t stop till you are 100% happy
    they will never give up on you
    i can vouch for that


    I understand that, but my there are some errors with my hair line that I’m not sure can be corrected. One side has come down too far, and I’m now at the three finger forehead rule. If I bring the other side down to correct it, it will begin to look stupid.

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