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    Hi, I am a mum of a 25 yr old son who is spiralling into deep depression because of his hair loss. I have suggested this treatment as I think it’s brilliant but at the moment he won’t even cut his hair short and talking about it gets nowhere. He is so handsome yet sees nothing but a freak in the mirror. He has stopped going out and is on the verge of giving up his job. To see yor son cry is heart breaking. Nobody understands unless they are going through it too. I’m so worried and feel so helpless. How can I help him?


    Hi South25, sorry to hear about your sons situation.

    Hairloss is such a downer for us guys and when you are young like your son it is even worse. In the grand scheme of life it shouldn’t be more important than other things, but unfortunately when you are a hair loss suffer it seems to be.

    Id advise your son about this treatment and maybe show him the website especially this forum as he may see other people who he has things in common.

    I hope you and your son can mend this situation and I wish you all the best.

    Benjamin Kramer

    I am a very similar age to your son and I no how he felt. I had this treatment recently and it’s the best thing I have done. Go for a consultation with him and meet the skalp people. They are so friendly and helpful.


    Thank you for your advice and taking the time to reply.


    You should try to convince your son to go for a consultation, from my experience here and in other forums, hair loss issues aren’t something you grow out of, especially when it starts at a young age.
    I was 25 when I had a ht done, but unfortunately the results weren’t what I expected.

    He should have a look at real life treatments, granted a hair tattoo may seem like an odd idea but there are quite a few good results around. skin type is also important.
    If he’s on the road to a NW7 head i.e. full blown baldness then transplants are useless.


    That’s a sad story.

    I recommend SKALP as they helped me through tough times.

    Good luck for you.


    Hello South25, I like probably everyone on this forum understands yours sons misery. Firstly, I think your a wonderful mother to take such a sensitive view and obviously really supportive. I have now just had my first treatment (4 days ago) and similar-ish age to your son, 29. For me shaving my head down low was probably the biggest issue and now it’s done, I’m slowly getting used to it. For me it’s by no way my chosen hairstyle, however I am over the moon with the results after one treatment and looking forward to subsequent treatments. My advice would be for your son to see a few examples in the flesh, especially someone of a similar age (depending on where you are, the London branch, Ollie is in his twenties (I reckon) and I would more than happily meet up in a few weeks when my second treatment has settled. This forum really gave me the motivation to go for it, that and meeting up with a chap who had it done. I sympathise with your son’s situation. One word of warning, do not go with cheaper competitors. One of Skalp’s unique selling points I believe is the care and compassion they show.


    Thank you all again for your kind words. I think this treatment is wonderful and hopefully in time, so will my son.


    You’re very welcome South25.

    I hope everything works out for your son.


    Hi South25

    Any progress? I hope so and you sound like a great Mum so the lad won’t go far wrong

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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