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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Lee and I like many others have been suffering with hair loss for many years. I looked at many different options over the years from having a hair system, hair transplant and micro pigmentation.

    Back in 2008 I started using Nanofibres to conceal my thinning hair. I was happy with the result using the fibres and I continued to use them right through to June 2014. During this time frame and prior to it I had always worked in very image conscious industries so me looking my best and feeling my best was very important.

    I told many work colleagues that I used Nanofibres and used to joke about that if I were to get caught in the rain it wiould look like I’ve covered my head with a newspaper and the ink had run down my face. Yes, yes we all joke but it doesn’t make us feel any better.

    Anyhow after many years of deliberating over which option to go for I decided that micro pigmentation would be the way forward for me. I was extremely apprehensive about having the treatment done as I was would worried whether the buzzed look would suit me or not. I’d shaved my hair in the past and always thought that I looked too harsh (used to having hair wasn’t I).

    I booked a consultation for the 20th June 2014 at the Manchester clinic. There I met Jason who instantly made me feel welcome and relaxed. We chatted about my hair loss and what I wanted to achieve etc. My main concern was that I didn’t want it to look false or have this amazingly straight hairline which was half way down my forehead. It was then time for some pictures to be taken so that a mock up could then be completed and forwarded on to myself to view. So off came the cap, the cap that has protected me for years and has always been there to hide the truth. After the pictures had been taken Jason asked if I had any more questions, (at this point I had asked everything I had wanted to). I replied that I had no further questions and thank him for his time.

    The following day my mock up pictures arrived and I was AMAZED!!! The buzz cut suited me but I wasn’t convinced that the head that the mock up was on was in fact my own (daft I know). I quickly opened photoshop to do some editing and to my surprise it was in fact my head……

    I booked my first treatment several days later. The first treatment was to be carried out on the 28th July 2014 at 1100. The night prior to having my first treatment was a very sleepless one indeed, excitement, anxiety and who knows how many more emotions were responsible for that. On my way to my treatment I was feeling sick and still very anxious. I arrived at the Skalp clinic in Manchester and was greeted by Damon. Right from the offset I was put at ease and Damon and myself chatted for an hour to discuss my concerns, worries, anxiety, stress etc etc etc. After our chat Damon asked if I still wished to go ahead with the treatment (I’d come this far right).

    Let’s do it!!!! Off with my hair and a look in the mirror to see my totally bald head (I wanted to look away as I didn’t like what I saw), then the treatment began. Damon and I chatted throughout the treatment about everything and anything. At the end of the first treatment I looked in the mirror and was already impressed and more than happy with what I was seeing. Damon and I then sat down for a further chat where he discussed with me what to expect and how to look after my new “hair”….

    The next treatment was on the 6th August 2014. Damon and I discussed how I’d felt during the past week or so and if anyone had commented on my new look. The second treatment began and we were off chatting again about everything and anything. Time to look in the mirror again, whoa what a difference again from my first treatment. I had what appeared to be very clearly defined hairline and buzz cut (even though it was a little red and a little dark). Again Damon and I sat down and he discussed that it will lighten over the next few days and even that there may be parts that may not take. That night I went home and the cap came off.

    The cap still wasn’t going on and I had over three more weeks before my next treatment. I can’t tell you what a relief it was to be no longer a prisoner of the cap (I joke you not). My third appointment was on the 01st September 2014, where Damon had a good look at my scalp and the pigmentation to see how my skin was and what fading had occurred, if any. So the third treatment began and it was like catching up with an old friend with Damon (and the tattoo instrument). Third one finished and again it looked even darker which did take me aback a little. Damon and I sat down again and he assured me that once again that it will lighten and there may be fading in parts. He advised me that if I see parts that haven’t took so well or if I’m not happy with anything at all, I should contact him.

    I cannot thank Damon enough for making me feel totally at ease and extremely comfortable while having each treatment. As I’ve already written after each treatment we sat down and discussed what to expect, a sign of a true professional and someone that takes great pride in what he does. Having very high expectations in customer service I cannot fault Damon, he is a true professional and a credit to Skalp.

    I’m loving the new look and have had so many positive comments from my friends and family. I will happily answer any questions that anyone my have and will always give an honest answer.

    I would recommend this treatment to anyone who has suffered or who is suffering with hair loss to have this treatment done. I am an extremely confident person, but the area that knocked my confidence was my thinning hair. I feel on top of the world again now thanks to Damon and the team at Skalp.

    You can’t put a price on happiness!!!

    Lee (no longer a prisoner of the cap)


    That’s great to hear as I am being treated at the Manchester Clinic soon with Damon.

    Always good to hear these stories.

    Did you do much preparation for the treatments?


    Hi GreenGrass,

    Glad to hear you’ve already made the decision and will be starting your treatments soon.

    As for preparation. I didn’t prepare at all. No shaving my head at all. I still have hair but it was thinning majorly on top. When I arrived at the clinic and after the discussion with Damon. The whole lot came off.

    If you’ve already got a shaved head or have a buzz cut then you’ll already be feeling comfortable with a short style.

    All I can say to you is just listen to what Damon is advising you. I didn’t worry once throughout the whole process. I knew that I just had to go with the flow and wait until my next treatment.

    It’s great just to see the difference from the offset. I honestly wouldn’t hesitate recommending this treatment to anyone.

    I’ll be posting pics on here soon so people can see my finished result.

    Enjoy each treatment and I’m sure you’ll be more than happy with the result.



    The pic posted is a couple of days after my second treatment. MIB

    cut above

    Hi Priceless , I’m a new member on here and your story basically sums up mine , so you’ve saved me a lot of time in telling my story,still on the fence but drawn to Skalp as Damon & Jason seem to be the top guys in the UK at the moment, do you know if they operate in the Edinburgh clinic ?


    Great to hear everything went well for you.

    It’s certainly a great feeling when you get this treatment and it really does change your life.


    Hi Cut Above,

    There are many of us out there with the same story, oh the joys of losing ones hair.

    I am not sure if Damon or Jason operate out of the Edinburgh Clinic at present. I would advise you to contact Nina at Skalp to find out who is operating from there. I was made aware that several of them work out of different clinics from time to time, so there may be a possibility that one of them will be in Edinburgh at some point.

    As for you sitting on the fence!! Only you can make the decision and you’ve already made the right decision joining this forum. Asking as many questions to those who have had the treatment or those who are thinking of having it done is the best way forward. But still the final decision will be yours.

    I thought about it for years, but really wish that I hadn’t left it so long as it would have saved me a lot of money in the long run. However I did eventually take the plunge and I can honestly say its’ one of the top best decisions I’ve made in my life.

    Any other questions that you may have don’t hesitate to ask. Even if you think it may be a silly question, no question is a silly one when it comes to making a decision like this.



    Hi CheadleBoy,

    I’ve just read your post and I’m glad that things are going well for you.

    Just wait until you’ve had your third treatment and you’ll be blown away, I was.

    I look forward to seeing your photos on here soon, as I myself will be posting some very soon also.



    Can relate to some of the things you say.

    Well done on having the treatment done.

    If you Gain half the happiness I have from this treatment then you will love it.


    Hi WildCat,

    Good to know that you are extremely happy with your treatment.

    I myself feel like a new man again. Just being able to get up of a morning and not having to put the cap on to cover up is pure freedom. This in turn makes me one very very very happy man indeed.

    It’s a big decision for anyone to make but it sure as hell is worth it!!



    Just finished my treatments with Damon in Manchester and can only repeat what you have written. Skalp are top drawer company and will look after you. Look forward to seeing your results Cap Free Lee.


    Before Treatment Shot of CapFreeLee. Also a photo immediately after 3rd Treatment.

    The treatment will settle over the coming days and eventually blend in with existing hair to give a natural look.


    Hi RedDevil,

    I hope that you enjoyed each treatment and are happy with the end result.

    Like you said yourself., Skalp certainly do look after you.


    cut above

    Thanks for your feedback Lee, I had a consultation at another provider ( not at all impressed ) and have been pestered ever since so I think they are out the frame, I will be attending an open day in Glasgow, I have also contacted Andrew at Skalp Edinburgh then it’s decision time, having said that I will not go ahead with any treatment until I have seen genuine work that has been carried out on a real person, so still some searching to do yet

    Anyway ! Thanks again Lee for your feedback. CA


    Great read CapFreeLee and the treatment looks great. The hairline and density make such a difference. Nice hairline shape and detail by the way.

    Once that settles it will look amazing. Mine took around 3/4 days to settle and I could go out without a hat.

    Welcome to Skalp Club 🙂

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