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    I am a 25 year old normal guy who started losing my hair from around the age of 19. It seemed to thin really quickly and even though I have a good life, nice girlfriend it was still depressing. I came across Skalp on the internet and read through the website and forum, I was immediately impressed. I phoned up for a consultation and to be honest I was 90% sure before going. To cut a long story I booked in there and then.

    Currently I have just finished my 2nd treatment with one to go and I am really happy with the progress. I still have a little bit of hair on top albeit very thin but I just asked for the hairline to be as close to what I had as possible and it was spot on.

    Pain wise it was ok. Sometimes I felt very little and sometimes it was a little irritating, but nothing too bad.

    My 3rd treatment is in a couple of weeks time and I am looking forward to it being complete and enjoying the good life I already have with a nice head of hair.

    Will pop a couple of pictures on later to show my progress so far.


    Well done JR25. Look forward to seeing your transformation.


    JR25-Awesome! I know how you feel before and after the treatments. I started losing my hair about the same age. I am 41 now. I finished my 2nd treatment a week ago. Someone from work really thought my hair is growing back yesterday. They say I look like late 20’s or early 30’s now. It is a amazing treatment!

    Mr Marky

    Can’t wait to see the pics mate!


    Great story JR25. Be great to see some photos when you get chance.


    Sorry. Will pop some pictures up very soon.


    Look forward to seeing them. It sounds great.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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